My Very Own Bone Bruise Research


At the beginning of the season, I felt the Mets’ goal should be to play .500 baseball through May until Carlos Beltran returned.

The Mets are sitting at .500, but it is highly unlikely we will see Beltran playing in the beginning of June.

I decided  that I would do my best impersonation of  a Web MD and try to learn a little more about what it is Beltran is dealing with.

First, I wanted to figure out exactly what a bone bruise is.  I found a great article from the website Midwest Sports Fans, complete with this illustration (I have always been a visual learner).

I particularly liked this article because it relies on information provided by two doctors that posess a background in sports injuries.

Trying to put it in layman’s terms, a bone bruise is bleeding under the cover of the bone.

Now that we know what it is (kind of).  How is it treated?

All of the websites I visited talked about vitamin treatments and some range of motion exercises.  Another common theme was avoiding strain until all of the bruising was gone.

Sound familiar?

I also stumbled across two common points today that were a bit scary to me.

1.  Bone bruises take weeks or even months to heal.  It seemed when Beltran was first diagnosed with these issues everyone focused on the weeks versus the months.

It is obvious now that he came back last year before he had completely recovered from the bruises.  Thus, extending the recovery time.  I think this was the most baffling decision during this whole injury saga.

Why come back at the end of the season to play meaningless baseball?  The only reasonable explanations are that Beltran didn’t understand this type of injury or he didn’t realize his knee was still bruised.  My money is on option one.

2.  The second point is by far the scariest.  There were a number of articles/posts I read that stated bone bruised and ACL injuries tend to happen together frequently.

I can’t help but worry that this is the case with Beltran.  Hopefully, he doesn’t fall in this category.  I’m not sure we could handle him going down with an ACL injury after all of this.

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5 Responses to “My Very Own Bone Bruise Research”

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