I’m Over Ollie


It’s official.  I am over Oliver Perez.

I’m done with wondering if it will be good Ollie or bad Ollie on the mound.

I’m done wondering which inning he will lose his control and start walking everyone, including the pitcher.

I’m done wondering if this is going to be the game that he will figure it out.

Yesterday, he couldn’t make it out of the fourth inning.  Sadly, he had thrown 98 pitches and given up seven walks prior to the hook.

The sad thing is, this wasn’t his worst performance.  During the broadcast, Gary Cohen  shared that he had given up seven walks in less than three innings against the Phillies in 2007..

His performance was similar to watching a nine year old in little league baseball struggling to find the strike zone.  It is painful and it puts your defense to sleep.

The difference is this pitcher’s allowance is a little more than five bucks a week.

The Mets are paying Perez 12 million dollars this season.

Probably incentive to keep giving him starts.  No team wants to pay that amount of money for someone in the bullpen or in the minors.

That is what scares me.

His career numbers tell me that this isn’t going to change anytime soon.  He has started 124 games in nine seasons.  Here’s a sample for you:

  • 4.54 ERA
  • 1.46 WHIP
  • 159 home runs
  • 611 walks
  • Only three complete games

It is time to send Ollie packing, or at least send him to the minors until he shows he can consistently throw strikes and not be a bullpen killer.

It is time for Dillon Gee or RA Dickey.

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