Chris Carter Batting Cleanup


Chris Carter will get his second consecutive start in right field tonight, according to the Mets’ Twitter Page.

No issues there.  He has been hitting and Frenchy hasn’t.

Although, I would like to see Frenchy got another shot at some point.  It would be great if he could regain his beginning of the year form.

My only concern is what Jerry Manuel will do late in the game if the Braves bring a lefty out of the pen to face Carter.  In yesterday’s game he decided to pinch hit for with Jeff Francoeur.

This doesn’t make any sense in my mind.  Why bat Carter fourth if you are going to pinch hit for him late in the game?

Normally, you place a hitter in the cleanup spot that you want to have hitting in every scenario.

I understand trying to break up the right-handed bats in the lineup, but I don’t necessarily agree with it.

If Jerry believes The Animal has enough pop to bat him fourth.  Let him have an opportunity to see the job through.  Give him the chance to see if he’ll do damage late in the game against the bullpen.

Carter has been praised for his intensity and eagerness to hit.  Let’s see what this intensity will do for him when they change pitchers.

Sometimes it just seems like Jerry doesn’t have a real plan when he puts a lineup together.

Think about it for a second.

Your cleanup hitter is following three guys that are supposed to be getting on base.  That is their role.

In theory, the chances are greater that he will be up in the later innings with runners on.

If you don’t plan on allowing Carter to face lefties then he should be moved further down in the lineup.

By placing a batter in the cleanup spot that you are not planning on using for the entire game, you are  in essence telling the other team’s manager that you will burn a bat on the bench in two spots now.  Everyone knows the pitcher will be pinch hit for.

Head scratcher.

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