Don’t Count On Johan In 2011


Johan Santana’s official rehab time table has been set. We are looking at late June to mid July according to Mr. Alderson’s math.

The thought of Johan on the hill for his customary seven innings is a pleasant one in late February. Yet another glass is half full thought during the most optimistic time of the year for many baseball fans.

I want to take this time to apologize, as I am about to bring the room down for a minute. Time to be “Debbie Downer”, the wet blanket, the office complainer. It is prudent for us not to expect much from Johan in 2011.

It takes six to twelve months to recover from this surgery. So right away there is potential to take us into September or October. My Midwestern logic (similar to Spidey Sense for the lay person) tells me it is more realistic to expect the full year due to the fact that this man has put a considerable amount of stress on this shoulder for a number of years. More so than you or I for certain.

We may see Johan take the hill prior to September. The anticipation that will build up to that start will cause many to start talking about immediate impacts. It will be hard not to. Just remember, this won’t mean he is 100 percent.

Remember how long it took Jose to come back to full form last year? How many games would you say it took David Wright to shake off the affects of Matt Cain’s beaning? Hell, we are still waiting on the 100 percent return of Carlos Beltran. The probability is pretty high that when Johan first returns he will be limited and will have to shake off the rust.

It is a lot like chasing fool’s gold (I really have no idea what fool’s gold is, the closest I can come to is Texas Tea which is oil. Thank you Jud Clampett). We tend to want to believe that a player’s first game back means he will return right where he left off. Name the last player that actually accomplished this.

Don’t take this the wrong way. If anyone can make something happen like this, it is Johan. I still have very fond thoughts of a particular game he threw with a torn meniscus. The pragmatic side of my brain keeps telling me that was his knee, not his throwing shoulder.

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