Phillies Phans Don’t Care About the Mets

Side note:

I wonder how many Phillies fans substitute the letters ph for the letter f when they write.  It seemed to be prevalent as I did some quick research for this post.

Back to the original reason for this post:

I had this great idea for a post this afternoon.  Many Mets fans feel that Phillies’ fans are obnoxious.  I’ve never met one in person so I figured I would visit a few Phillies Blogs and see what their fans were saying about the 2011 Mets.  I was then going to copy some of the comments on to this site and type “witty” responses all Al Jaffee style.

In my mind I was convinced I would find a bunch of poorly written sentences about how awful the Mets are and how the Phightin Phils were going to kick their ass.

Not the case my friends.  I couldn’t find a single sentence in any of the comment sections on one of the four blogs I visited that even mentioned the Mets.  Apparently they could care less about the 2011 Amazin’s.

After a little more thought it makes sense.  Why would they spend any time degrading the Mets at this point of the season?  It is way too early in the season and its not like the Mets have been very competitive lately.

Oh well.  A for effort right?

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4 Responses to “Phillies Phans Don’t Care About the Mets”

  1. Tom Says:

    Not surprising. The Mets need to become relevant again before Philly fans are going to start worrying about ‘em. Let’s be honest – many Mets fans put a lot of stock into these games because the Phillies are the team to beat (and we hate them). I’m not sure that’s the same on the other side because their goals and expectations far exceed ours. If anything at this point, their fans feel sorry for us. That’s only going to change with a long stretch of good competitive baseball (not just one good series in April).

  2. Jason Says:

    You are wise beyond your years my friend. Very Yoda like comment.

    Your boy looked impressive tonight on the hill and the mound.

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