The David Wright Debate


The Boy Wonder With Toms Idol

I normally stay away from the fray when it comes to the D. Wright debate.  Sadly, I read a comment on a Facebook Page by an ass clown that claims to be a sports writer rather then a fan that got me all riled up.

You know the type.  The oh so wise “writer” that feels that slandering anything and everything equals good journalism.  Mr. Ass Clown’s latest comment was a call to arms of sorts asking everyone to start crucifying David Wright for his lack of clutchness.

Mr. Ass Clown claims that D. Wright gets too much of a pass.  It was a classic bush league rant that just tells me the writer is an unhappy person that didn’t get hugged enough as a child.

I don’t mind rants when they come from an intelligent source.  I’m just not a fan of writing to create controversy for the sole purpose of creating controversy.  It lacks honesty.

Be careful, I am not a David Wright apologist.  I get just as frustrated with his strikeouts and lack of late inning RBIs as the next guy.  Its just comical to me that people bitch about a guy that  hits .300 and drives in 100 runs for your team.  Especially a guy that never makes excuses.

Listen up Ass Clowns.  David Wright is not the problem.  The reality is he is Robin, not Batman.  Scottie Pippen not Michael Jordan (Tom gets credit for the Pippen/Jordan reference).

He is a huge part of the team, and 99% of us would miss him if he was gone. That being said, he isn’t the player that will pull off the impossible at the end of the movie. Never has been. Hating or blaming him for something he has never been is senseless.

Appreciate what Robin brings to the table.  He will save Batman’s ass from time to time.  Which brings up another problem.  The Mets have no Batman right now.

Besides, it’s not Robin’s fault Gotham went to hell. That would be the Wilpons and Omar Minaya.

2 Responses to “The David Wright Debate”

  1. Ben Says:

    Think David Wright says any of the following?

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    [...] April 18, 2011 [...]

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