One Win: That’s All We Should Expect


It is very obvious that the Mets have been playing well lately.   The guys have made great strides and I am enjoying the style of play for sure.  However, I feel it is unreasonable to expect a series win this weekend in Philly.

Winning on the road in Philly when you are facing Halladay and Lee in two of the three games is asking a bit much. Hopefully, when the Mets leave Philly with likely only one win in the series, the good will they have built up with the fans isn’t completely wasted.

Taking a look at the pitching match ups, that one win may very well occur tonight.

I would also like to point out, that although he is getting one serious dose of the silent treatment, Tom’s earlier post is sad but true.  However, if things continue to improve in Metland the Phillies will start to sweat a little bit.

One Response to “One Win: That’s All We Should Expect”

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    [...] able to take away from Met fans as I journey through the bithcin’ internet, they agree with my assessment that expecting them to win this series against the Phils is [...]

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