Pivotal Start For Big Pelf


Take a second and venture out into the bitchin’ internet.  Particularly, comment sections that have anything to do with the New York Mets.  There is chum in the water in terms of the fans turning on Mike Pelfrey.

The home-grown talent that at one point was the feel good story about the Mets future, now faces becoming the scapegoat for everything that frustrates fans about the Amazin’s.  Fair or unfair, you can see it happening.

Here’s an example:

“Get rid of him already he always licks his hand and makes excuses. “

This was one of the nicer statements I read.  Another reason why I chose this is because I think it is hilarious that this particular fan took advantage of an opportunity to make fun of Big Pelf’s finger licking habit.

That being said, the statement reflects the fact that fans are tired of hearing about why Pelfrey struggles, they just want them corrected. 

Some of what they are saying is justified.  The roller coaster that is Mike Pelfrey is a ride that hasn’t exactly been fan friendly lately.  He teases us with a lock down performance here or there and then gets shelled as if he is throwing batting practice in the next outing.

Where Pelf gets treated unfairly is in terms of expectations.  There are too many people who expect him to be the Tim Lincecum of the Mets.  At one point, that looked like it could be a reality.  It just never materialized.

You know what?  There’s nothing wrong with that.  We should expect him to perform as a number three or four guy in the rotation.  That is his peak.  He isn’t going any higher.  There are plenty of places for a player like that.  Unfortunately, Pelfrey is in the #1 slot right now placing him in a situation that he flat-out cannot succeed in.

I am going to let you in a little secret.  I am pulling for #34 today.  I want to see him come out this afternoon with a strong start and calm down the masses.

Why haven’t I given up on him yet?  It is a combination of reasons.

  1. He is a Midwestropolitan.
  2. He is a home grown talent.
  3. I still see potential in Big Pelf to be a solid starter.  Just not an ace.

So come on Big Pelf!  It’s time to be finger lickin’ good!

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4 Responses to “Pivotal Start For Big Pelf”

  1. Matt Says:

    He doesn’t need to be an ace, but he’s not pitching like a three or four right now either. Expectations were exceedingly high after last year, and I admit I thought he could possibly pitch like a two starter at times, but I think he has some psychological issues and those don’t always clear up. The Mets have more promising arms than him if they hold up

  2. Jason Says:

    Agreed Matt. Your namesake, Matt Harvey being one of them. Tough news about Mejia this week on that front.

    I think the mental/confidence issues are what have caused Big Pelf to plateau in terms of that 3 or 4 guy.

    My take this season is the added pressure of the expectations you speak of and his recent illness have put him where he is at right now. One fixed itself, we’ll see on the other…

    • Tom Says:

      I don’t know if it’s just mental problems. He’s a huge dude and he pitches to contact. That’s a little bit odd. You’d think he would be more of a power pitcher and more of a presence. I just think he is what he is – a solid 3 or 4 guy when his head is right

      • Jason Says:

        Ron Darling was mentioning something about that during the game yesterday. He felt Pelfrey doesn’t really use his lower body that much.

        It seems to me that would be a reason why he doesn’t have more velocity.

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