Another “Mini-Series”


I am not a fan of the two game series, or the “one night stand” of the baseball schedule if you will.   The sole reason is it screws up how I follow the Mets.

Two games isn’t enough to allow me to truly gauge how the Mets match up against a team at a particular time.  If you win both, you feel dirty saying you swept your opponent because it is only two games.  That leaves you with splitting or getting swept which still sounds awful even if it is only two games.

Regardless, the Midwestropolitan research staff scoured the Bitchin’ Internet for some thoughts about what to expect the next two days.

Nats Still Offensively Challenged

Even with a healthy lineup, the Nats didn’t exactly showcase a murderer’s row.  Along with Ryan Zimmerman, Rick Ankiel is injured (right wrist), so their lineup is even less scary.

Nat fans seem to doubt that Adam LaRoche will heat up.  He is currently hitting below the Mendoza Line at a .196 clip.

Crafty Pitching Ahead

Livan Hernandez and Tom Gorzelanny will provide the pitching, which means we are in for two games of pulling our hair out trying to figure out why the Mets aren’t rocking the hell out of them.

These guys, particularly Hernandez, thrive on mixing up their pitches so hitters don’t know whats coming.  They certainly aren’t going to blow anyone away.

What To Expect

Prior to Wright landing on the DL, I felt the Mets should take both of these games at home.  Now the lineup seems a tad bit different so I have changed my mind.  I see a split occurring as either Livan or Gorzelanny will wind up frustrating all of us to no end as they provide a one run win for the Nats.

On a positive note, I am looking forward to seeing how Ruben Tejada performs in his return.  I am also hoping Pedro Beato continues his fine pitching that he displayed prior to his injury.

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