A Very Interesting Insight On Justin Turner


By now I’m sure you’ve noticed that I tend to ask a rhetorical question or two.  On Thursday, I had a few about the very impressive start of Justin Turner.

“This morning I started wondering how long we can expect to see this kind of performance from Justin.  All year? Multiple years? Two weeks? Two more days?”


Normally, I wind up answering myself or field a few outside answers on a rare occasion.  This Thursday was slightly different.  I was pleasantly surprised to find the following feedback from Justin Turner’s uncle:

“Let me give you my very biased opinion. I have watched Turner play ball his whole life. I can tell you that it only gets better,the kid knows baseball. He will give you 110% period. He loves the game and has dedicated his life to get where he is right now. He is not done yet. How do i know well like i said i have known him his whole life and it is just getting better and better. Lets just watch and i’m sure we will be very impressed. Way to go Red, We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!”

-James Turner (Justin Turner’s uncle)

I don’t know about you, but after reading that I became excited about the possibility of Turner getting even better.  Just like everyone else, I wasn’t expecting him to contribute at the level he has so far.

It was equally exciting for me to learn about Turner’s approach to the game from an inside source.

Uncle James also shared a few other things after I followed up with him:

  • He set his sights on being a major league ball player at a young age.
  • Justin’s parents were very dedicated to helping him fulfill his dreams of playing in the Majors.
  • With Justin, it’s not about money or being famous it’s about baseball.

And my personal favorite as it is near and dear to me…

  • When he is home, Justin is always involved in coaching the young kids and sharing his knowledge of the game.

As I stated previously, I have no clue how long this great play will last.  After receiving Uncle James’ admittedly biased insight, I can’t help to believe in the possibility of it happening for a prolonged period of time.

Thanks Uncle James!

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3 Responses to “A Very Interesting Insight On Justin Turner”

  1. Hazmat77 Says:

    “He will give you 110% period.” IMPOSSIBLE.

    100% is the maximum effort anyone can give.

  2. James Turner Says:

    I’m sorry you feel that way but Justin gives 110% period

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