If There Is A Time


If there is a time to get healthy so to speak, the upcoming stretch of games would be exactly that. 8 of the next 14 ballgames the Mets play are against the Pirates (whose record really isn’t half bad, but it’s still the Pirates). The other six games consist of 3 at home vs. Atlanta and 3 on the road in Milwaukee.

I cringe as I present my optimistic scenario of finishing 9-5 over this stretch – a scenario which would return the Mets to .500 overall. In order for it to happen, I would say taking 3 of 4 vs. Pittsburgh twice, and splitting the six games against Milwaukee and Atlanta would be the way to do it.

That said, is it doable? Yeah, I think so. Do I expect it? No, not really. The team is just fractured and broken in just about every sense of the word. More importantly, the Mets are going to have to figure out a way to put together all of the components at once – pitch when they hit when they field, as opposed to just one or two.

I guess I just want to see some solid baseball and I’d rather be 5 or 6 games from a Wild Card than 10 or 11. False hope at least creates the illusion that games are more important than they are. Also, the more the team loses, the more we will all have to suffer through the Reyes and ownership drama. There’s some motivation to aspire for the mediocrity that is .500 baseball.

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3 Responses to “If There Is A Time”

  1. Car-T-Bay Says:

    Interesting take on how you see the next few series playing out. After looking at the Met’s upcoming few series I actually saw more trouble then anything. For starters, the Pirates are amongst the leaders in all of MLB road wins. They have already secured their 7 playoff series win, and the pitching staff is amongst the best in the majors. Secondly, Atlanta and the Brew Crew are both hot teams. Atlanta has one of the strongest bullpens in all of baseball and the brewers are swinging some hot bats right now. I see the mets squeezing out a few close wins, but its gonna be a tough task.

    • Tom Says:

      You’re spot on with everything you said. I don’t truly expect a 9-5 stretch. Atlanta is tough (I’m hoping that home field starts to mean something this week, really) and I think Milwaukee takes 2 of 3 at home. It’s more of a “what is the ideal way this can go?” The Pirates have been horrid at home, so winning 3 of 4 there is doable (though a split is more likely). I know they’ve been really solid on the road, but the Mets have to put together a nice stretch at home some time…right?

      Again, this is probably just wishful thinking (and the analysis is certainly not too in depth). We’re all hoping something just starts clicking.

  2. Just Need One More Tomorrow « Midwestropolitan Says:

    [...] wishful thinking may actually come true. With a win tomorrow the Mets would finish a 14-game stretch against [...]

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