Midwestropolitans Drafted


Forget the high round draft picks.  Here are two players you need to pay attention to in the next few years.  Why?

They’re Midwestropolitans!

Rd. 11 (342), Chris Montgomery, RHP, Lawrence Central (Ind.) HS

An absolute steal in the eleventh round.  Don’t worry about Monty adjusting to the big city when he inevitably gets to the major league club.  Lawrence Central is located in Indianapolis, so big city living is something Monty is used to.

Rd. 25 (762), Andrew Reed, LHP, Terre Haute (Ind.) South Vigo HS

You’ve heard about all of the late round success stories in the Major League Draft by now.  Meet this year’s version for the New York Mets.  Reed will be lighting up opposing batters in Flushing guaranteed!  The young man can certainly deal with adversity as he hails from the “Smelly Haute”.

Disappointment In DePodesta’s Strategy

I’m sure this year’s draft will wind up being markedly better than previous years, but I feel DePodesta has failed in one category.  Why only two picks from the Midwest?  How can he ignore this obvious hotbed of baseball?

Don’t let this region fool you because we can’t play baseball all year-long.  That just means we concentrate even harder when we are able to get outside on the dormant grass.

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2 Responses to “Midwestropolitans Drafted”

  1. Jose Torres Says:

    Seems like the Midwest is less of a hotbed for baseball talent than you led us to believe. Here are the facts after the first 38 rounds…

    IL 36
    KS 24
    MO 23
    OH 22
    IN 19
    MI 14
    WI 14
    MN 12
    IA 7
    NE 6
    ND 2
    SD 2
    Total = 181
    Total Picks = about 1150
    % 12 Midwest States (25% of the continental US states) = 15.7%

    In comparison to the 12 state midwest total of 181, California had 227, Florida 136 and Texas 129.

    • Jason Says:


      The Midwest is an untapped market.

      My phone will be ringing any minute with a call from Sandy Alderson and Paul DePodesta. I just know it.

      Very well done Jose. Don’t be surprised if you receive a call from the Midwestropolitan Research Staff inquiring about your availability. They are always on the hunt for highly qualified individuals such as yourself.

      Thanks for the insight, read, and the comment!

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