I Love Ya Hojo, But Shutup


News from the New York Post has former ’86 Met and hitting coach, Howard Johnson, publicly disagreeing with Terry Collins’ decision to bench Jason Bay.

“It’s ridiculous it’s come to that.  If he’s supposed to be part of the solution, I don’t see the point of taking him out of the equation. It’s sending him mixed messages. I don’t care if he’s 0-for-50, you’re not going to get him relaxed by taking him out of the lineup.”-Howard Johnson

With all due respect Hojo, it’s ridiculous that you decided to open your yapper on this matter.  Smells like the girl who didn’t get invited to the prom telling everyone in the world how lame the prom is.

I love you man (in a completely platonic way), and always will.  But I also believe you are completely wrong here.  Terry Collins and Sandy Alderson have established that they are creating an atmosphere in which players will be accountable for not performing.

You are part of the old regime that told us everything would be ok if we were patient.  Players would work themselves out of slumps. After four years, we were still waiting.

Jason Bay has had 39 games to work himself out of this slump.  That is almost 25% of the entire season.  Whatever he was trying on his own was obvioulsy not working.

I hope that you find something more useful to do with your time.  Back seat driving does not suit a man of your caliber.

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4 Responses to “I Love Ya Hojo, But Shutup”

  1. Longrock Says:

    I don’t know how much a batting coach means but based on his career and style of play HOJO was the last guy I would have chosen. Big uppercut, high strikeout, prone to slump kind of a hitter and he looks like he’s turned David Wright into the same guy. Is there anyone who wouldn’t rather see Justin Turner up in a big spot already?

    • Jason Says:

      I don’t necessarily believe Hojo couldn’t teach hitting. Although you make an interesting point based on the type of hitter he was.

      The thing that irked me most, is why Hojo didn’t just keep this opinion to himself. Frankly, his opinion is irrelevant these days. Hopefully he accepts that and moves on. The Mets clearly have.

      Thanks for the read and the comment Longrock.

  2. 13huntingbears Says:

    i disagree with you. are they moving to platoon Bay? not likely. he’s had days to ‘clear his head.’ i don’t know what the point is really. he’s gotten a couple hits since his return to maybe it’s working, but i agree with HoJo, he’s not going to figure things out on the bench.

    • Jason Says:

      I understand your point here 13huntingbears. Normally, I agree with this strategy in terms of a player slumping. 39 games (the 40th with some small steps) is very long time.

      If Collins didn’t sit Bay, then he would be jeopardizing the philosophy of holding players accountable. It is a difficult situation to be in.

      The bottom line is that I hope Bay finds his stroke. I am certainly rooting for him to do so. I have appreciated how he has handled himself throughout the most difficult period of his career.

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