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It has been fun to watch this current group scratch and claw for every win.  But its games like these that make me miss Ike Davis and David Wright.  You see, power in your lineup affords you more room to make mistakes.

As I have said before this current lineup has to be practically perfect to win, especially in close games.  Giving up potential runs because of idiotic base running blunders doesn’t exactly help the cause.

It’s difficult for this team to make one critical base running mistake.  Tonight’s contest showcased two base running errors.

In the top of the fifth Daniel Murphy’s aggressiveness got the best of him as he tried to break to third early on a bunt attempt by Mike Pelfrey.  The only problem was that Pelfrey missed and Pirates catcher Michael McKenry fired a dart down to second to pick off Murph after an awkward rundown.

The second gaffe that we were treated to was yet another sacrifice fly double play brought to us by Lucas Duda.  In Duda’s defense, there was some question as to whether or not Jose Reyes’ liner to left field had hit the ground.  At any rate, Duda was doubled off of first and the Mets found themselves without a tying runner on base.

All things considered, I am still in a pretty positive state of mind regarding the Mets.  Big Pelf threw his second consecutive quality start, they continue to give themselves a chance in every game they play, and they are still only 5.5 games behind in the Wild Card Chase.

National League
W L GB Left
 Milwaukee Brewers 38 29 95
 Atlanta Braves 38 29 95
 St. Louis Cardinals 38 29 95
 Arizona Diamondbacks 36 30 1.5 96
 Cincinnati Reds 34 33 4.0 95
 Florida Marlins 32 32 4.5 98
 Pittsburgh Pirates 32 33 5.0 97
 New York Mets 32 34 5.5 96
 Colorado Rockies 31 34 6.0 97
 Los Angeles Dodgers 31 36 7.0 95
 Washington Nationals 30 36 7.5 96
 San Diego Padres 29 38 9.0 95
 Chicago Cubs 26 39 11.0 97
 Houston Astros 25 42 13.0 9


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