Significant Progress?


The Mets wrapped up their sixth road series win of the year tonight, and in doing so improved their road series mark to 6-5 overall. It truly is hard to fathom when considering that the 2010 version made us wait well into August to win a road series. Not only that, but the Mets improve to 19-17 away from Citi Field, tied for the 3rd best road mark in the National League. If only they could win at home.

The Mets have also now taken 5 of 8 against Atlanta this year, including 3 of 5 at Turner Cemetery. Most importantly, the Mets return to .500 on the year for the first time since they were 22-22. They are now 34-34 and surprisingly enough just 3.5 games back in the wild card (pictured below).

Perhaps the Mets are taking significant strides towards relevancy. I don’t want to get too carried away about a .500 record in mid-June, but judging by the celebrations on Twitter and Facebook it seems as if this is almost as awesome as being in first. With lower expectations comes a certain degree of happiness – kind of.

As for the game itself, there was lots of rain and there were very few hits. Sadly, Dillon Gee did not pick up the victory because weather got in the way. But fortunately the game was not called after four innings (which would have erased it). The Mets are still undefeated when Dillon starts.

A new segment I’ll introduce to Midwestropolitan: Jose watch…

  • Tonight he went 1 for 4 with an RBI (28). His average drops to .345 on the year.
 St. Louis Cardinals 38 31 93
 Atlanta Braves 38 31 93
 Arizona Diamondbacks 37 32 1.0 93
 Cincinnati Reds 37 33 1.5 92
 Pittsburgh Pirates 34 33 3.0 95
 New York Mets 34 34 3.5 94
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13 Responses to “Significant Progress?”

  1. 13huntingbears Says:

    .500 is a hell of a lot to be happy about considering the injuries and the disappearance of Jason Bay. hell, even at full strength being at .500 is still better than most thought we’d be.

    • Jason Says:

      Agreed 13huntingbears. .500 is something to be happy about.

      As far as Jason Bay is concerned…dare I say we saw signs of life last night? Two hits and more importantly he was able to not only reach the outside corner but actually went the other way instead of rolling over weakly to the shortstop.

  2. B. Taylor Says:

    Yes, I’m dancing! We’re at .500.

    Now we need to keep climbing…

    Our next goal is to catch up to and pass the Braves for the number two spot.

  3. B. Taylor Says:

    Re my post above – the number two spot in the National League East.

    • Tom Says:

      Hopefully the Mets take inspiration in the words of a great philosopher by the name of Ludacris…

      “Scheme scheme plot plot//I’m coming for that #1 (or #2 is fine) spot”

  4. Jason Says:

    Slow down Tom. Winning at home? Are you mad?

  5. 13huntingbears Says:

    as long as we avoid any major catastrophes, i think finishing 2nd in the East and narrowly missing the WC is feasible.

    • Tom Says:

      If the starting pitching continues to perform like this…it could get interesting. I’ll settle for +.500 to start.

      • Jason Says:

        It is a different feeling looking at upcoming games when I see Niese, Gee, Dickey back to back to back. Right now I believe the Mets can win any game those three start.

        I can’t think of the last time I have thought that about three of the starting five. 2006 I guess, but that was because of the lineup.

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