Being Stingy With Walks = Success For Big Pelf


Mike Pelfrey picked a nice time to throw one of the best games of his career.  For that, I am thankful.

Obviously, you want your starter to perform well no matter who takes the hill.  As far as I’m concerned, it’s a double bonus every time Pelfrey brings his A game because he is a home-grown Met and he is a Midwestropolitan.  His successes are sweeter and failures sting a bit more.

For one batter, Big Pelf reminded me of 2006.  The crowd rising to their feet for the last hitter brought an electricity to Citi that I haven’t seen before.  It was refreshing.

Tonight’s gem was Pelfrey’s eighth quality start of the season.  More importantly, they have all come in his last 11 starts.

So why the success?  He is walking far fewer batters.  In fact, this is his third start in a row in which he hasn’t given up a single base on balls.  I know.  Now that I said that, he’ll probably walk four or five the next time out.

Pelfrey attributes this to better command of his fastball.  It’s funny how the simple things are huge in this game isn’t it?

He also had the following to say in his post-game interview:

“In April i tried to do too much.  I wanted to be TOO good.”

Suffice it to say, looks like he let the added pressure of being the #1 guy get to him.  Seems like the best thing he did was figure out he needed to stay within himself to be more successful.

Resting The Bullpen

Does anyone else find it funny when people in baseball talk about resting the bullpen like they are these really fragile creatures?  I get you want them as fresh as possible, but to me the bigger problem is your “best” pitchers aren’t getting the job done rather than your bullpen being tired.

When you stop and think about it, the reality is every team is trying to avoid using the guys in the pen.  In a perfect world the starters would throw complete games all the time.  So why do we use language like “protecting the bullpen” when we are really trying to avoid them like the plague?

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