The Reality of Reyes Rumors


This is certainly an anxious time for us.  We are in the midst of trying to deal with the possibility of one of the most talented home grown Mets leaving the franchise in his prime.

It’s hard. The daily barrage of Jose Reyes speculation can be mind numbing.  I would say the majority of people in the media and many fans believe that Reyes leaving the Mets is a forgone conclusion.  I would also say that the majority of the people in the media and many fans believe the Mets don’t have enough money to re-sign Jose.

This may be wishful thinking on my part, but there are two important facts that really are the only things that matter right now.

1.  Neither Sandy Alderson, Jose Reyes, or Jose Reyes’ agents have made any statement regarding their actual position on signing Reyes or what it will take to do so.

That’s the funny thing about speculation.  It’s not fact.  It’s people taking all available information (or for some, taking only segments of information), and formulating an opinion.  The key word being opinion there.

2.  Human beings change their mind.

When it comes down to it, people change their minds all the time.  A few years ago I was minutes away from buying a car.  Something was said that changed things and I wound up purchasing an entirely different make and model at an entirely different dealership.

Just because Fred Wilpon opened his yapper back in April doesn’t mean he hasn’t changed his mind now.  Let’s face it, things are a bit different these days.

It is fun and interesting to speculate. But I always keep in the back of my mind, that all that matters is what a small handful of people think.  Jose Reyes is the only one that knows just how much he wants to stay in New York and how much it will take to keep him there…..maybe.  My guess is, he is still trying to work through it.

The Wilpons and Sandy Alderson are the only ones that know how much they want to keep Reyes and how much they are willing to spend on him.  Again, my guess is they are still trying to work through that.

So I get a chuckle at those that give definitive statements like this one from Ken Rosenthal:

“The Mets are unlikely to keep Reyes unless he accepts a lesser deal.”

Oh really Ken?  I don’t see a quote from Fred Wilpon or Sandy Alderson.  Even if you are talking to sources within the organization, how likely is it that even they can tell you exactly what Alderson and the Wilpons actually believe?

Now I’m not bashing Kenny here.  His story is about Jose Reyes considering changing his representation to Scott Boras.  Again, according to “sources”.  Interesting for sure. Fact?  Who knows.

So until I read a report about Jose actually signing his name to a contract, I’ll anguish about the future and read all of the interesting speculation.  It’s entertaining.  However, you won’t be reading any kind of statement of certainty from me about what will happen with Jose.  There are too many humans involved in this process.


Here’s an actual quote from Jose after Rosenthal’s piece stirred things up:

” I said, ‘Peter, I’m going to be with you, so don’t worry about anything. I’m with you. I’m happy with you, so don’t think I’m going to let you go now because it’s not going to happen.’”

Looks like we can put one rumor to bed.  Sandy Alderson will not be negotiating with Scott Boras.  Unless of course something happens that changes his mind……

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2 Responses to “The Reality of Reyes Rumors”

  1. B. Taylor Says:

    Thank the gods for a sane voice in all this rumor mongering and speculation.

    I am so tired of being bashed by most of my friends ( Yankees, Mets and otherwise ) who dive in without any known facts and try sophistry to add water to their arguments, when my response is…’ show me where they said that’.

    I hope to God, and pray that they can come to some agreement, all parties involved, for him to stay here, because it would hurt my heart on so many levels to lose him, BUT until I hear something definitive from THE PARTIES INVOLVED I would rather be spared the heart burnings. My nerves can’t take it, thank you very much.


    • Jason Says:

      Thanks B.

      As I’ve said in the past, I understand that the Mets need to consider any trade offers at this point. And as long as they get value for Jose, they may have to pull the trigger.

      That being said, I hope it doesn’t come to that. I want Jose to stay:

      April 28:
      “In my opinion, roll the dice and extend him. He is a home-grown Met and I don’t want him playing for another team. You won’t hear me killing the front office if it doesn’t pan out. ” -Me

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