Jose’s Decision A Risky One


The Bitchin’ Internet is alive with reaction to the news of Jose Reyes declining to negotiate his contract after Sandy Alderson reached out to him.

Of course I feel the need to weigh in.  It would be an injustice if I didn’t, right?  Like I said, I’m a giver.

Don’t forget my friends, try not to get too wound up by this.  It is part of the process that will continue all season as I have said in the past.

Keep in mind, his stance is not a new one.  This has been his plan since Spring Training.  Frankly, I feel like this is somewhat of a risky move on his part.  He is in the middle of his best season to date, and the fans are absolutely in love with him.  Seems like a good time to investigate the possibility of cashing in to me.

What if he gets hurt? What if he cools off significantly? Seems like that might cost him a pretty penny.

But you know what?  I actually respect him more for his decision to hold firm.  Only Jose knows Jose.  If he says negotiating right now would be a distraction then I believe him.

Another thing that impresses me about this strategy is his confidence.  He has always said that if he is healthy he can not only play like he is at this current level, but improve.  There’s one thing I learned in my limited time playing the game of baseball (through high school mind you so it wasn’t that extensive) is that confidence is a huge part of this game.  It is such a humbling game.  The only other sport that can be more humbling is Golf, and there is some debate whether or not that is actually a sport.

So good for you Jose.

As far as the Mets are concerned….

I think people forget three important things in terms of their ability to re-sign Jose:

1.  They are getting rid of a significant amount of moolah.  They will no longer be paying Carlos (tear), Ollie, and Luis’ contracts in 2012.  There is also some question about Francisco Rodriguez’s future.  Based even on the payroll cut that has been discussed, there should be enough money for Jose.

2.  The Mets and Jose will sit down at some point at the end of the season (unless of course they trade him).  It’s not like there is animosity between the two and they will refuse to speak to each other.

3.  Jose likes being in New York.  Money talks, but this is certainly a factor.

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9 Responses to “Jose’s Decision A Risky One”

  1. 13huntingbears Says:

    i read somewhere, and i think it’s true, that the Mets will be criticized no matter what they do. they’re really between a rock and a hard place. if you don’t trade him, you miss out on the potential haul he’d bring back, but if you do, that all but eliminates your chances of bringing him back in the offseason and the draft picks we’d get would hardly seem be any consolation. but i don’t think they can re-sign him in the offseason anyway, particularly if he continues to play the way he is. not unless something miraculous happens.

    • Jason Says:

      Absolutely a damned if you do damned if you don’t situation. Spot on there.

      I have a different take on the Mets ability to sign Jose in the off season. I believe they have the ability to sign him even if it is Crawford money.

      The real pinch will be what signing him does for future player contracts i.e. free agents and maybe even David Wright down the line.

      Of course, there is always the potential the Wilpons come out of the Madoff Mess a lot better off than everyone expects and team finances aren’t effected as much. Hahahahahahaha! I’m here all week!

      • 13huntingbears Says:

        yeah, i dunno man. Alderson seems pretty smart, so while i’m sure he recognizes the importance of retaining Reyes, he also seems a little conservative and not prone to make the emotional, knee jerk decisions the Mets front office has been notorious for.

        say the payroll is around 110M next year, subtracting out everyone who’s already under contract for next year (7 players) and a 20M/year contract for Reyes, that’ll leave about 27-28M to fill out a 25 man roster. that’s 18 other players, for all you math majors out there.

      • Jason Says:

        Outstanding breakdown.

        Admittedly, I may be off in my understanding of minor league contracts and arbitration but a number of the 18 open spots could be filled by guys with minor league contracts who get paid league minimum (420,000ish) like Justin Turner and Daniel Murphy, right?

        Big Pelf and Angel Pagan are up for arbitration so that will dip into the 27-28 million.

        Signing Jose, would definitely limit the Mets in other areas. So to me, the question is, is he worth that?

  2. 13huntingbears Says:

    no, you’re right. Turner, Davis, Murphy, etc will all be paid peanuts, relatively speaking and will take up a lot of those spots. the only problem is keeping Reyes and having a healthy line up doesn’t make us contenders and really doesn’t lay any ground work for us to be down the line, while potentially impacting future signings, as you mentioned. we’re gonna need a RF’er (i don’t think Duda’s it) and hopefully a new closer, not to mention a couple of SP’s and almost an entire BP.

    but if Reyes backloaded his deal with say 10-12M in the first 2 years, that’d help A LOT being that Johan and Bay would be coming off the books then.

    • Tom Says:

      The structure and distribution of money throughout the contract is obviously a huge factor. Let’s say he does get 10-12/yr for the first two years. Problem then becomes if the deal is both long and backloaded, then 5-6 years from now you’re dealing with the same problem the Mets seem to always be in – paying lots of money for a player who can’t produce the same way anymore.

      • 13huntingbears Says:

        right again. i don’t think we have a choice other than to trade him. keeping him for the year and pretending to having a shot to re-sign him, while planning on taking the picks is too passive in my opinion. with that said though, Alderson needs to be VERY discerning during trade negotiations. we absolutely can’t get beat on such a deal.

      • Tom Says:

        What kind of deal can the Mets make though? From the common fan’s perspective (considering how he’s playing) no deal is going to make anyone happy.

        That’s another issue though. As for simply from a baseball perspective, what do you think it would take?

  3. 13huntingbears Says:

    well fans are shortsighted and rightfully so. they want to go watch their team win. it’s hard to get excited about 5 years from now. but Alderson has to be the parent here and do what’s best for the kids, even if they don’t like it. it’ll be sad to see him go, but what break up doesn’t suck?

    i think the Giants make the most sense. they have nothing at SS and a fanbase that now has serious expectations. they also have some good pitching/OF prospects in their system. start with Wheeler (rhp) and whatever else you can pile on.

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