Thoughts Before the Quick Turnaround


Six days after losing on a balk-off the Mets walk off on a hit batsman. Kind of crazy. Nice job by Justin Turner to sort of move into the pitch while turning his back away.

Additional thoughts:

  • K-Rod is pretty quickly turning a stellar season into an average one. His ERA has risen from 1.73 to 3.34 in a matter of ten outings. He’s blown two straight saves and looks really hittable (thanks captain obvious).
  • These past two games have felt like American League baseball. Ugly as hell. Games take forever. It doesn’t help that last night Dillon Gee couldn’t throw a strike nor does it help that the A’s love taking pitches.
  • Oakland’s grey pants with the yellow tops are gross. In my opinion their green jerseys with the white pants look fine. They should just wear gray on the road.
  • I didn’t get to mention it last night, but why was Keith’s scorecard the focus of the SNY broadcast all night? Was it because the game was so unwatchable?
  • J-Bay-Bay followed up his good night with an 0-5. Last year when he went yard twice against the Yankees a lot of fans believed he was breaking out. I don’t think many fans are holding their breath this time around.
  • Game ball goes to R.A. Dickey who followed up a bad outing with yet another outstanding performance.
Other Notes:
  • Jason’s little league team lost tonight. You can send him your condolences and well wishes by emailing He could really use some cheering up. He’s kind of like the Manny Acta of the wheelbarrow league. He just overthinks everything. Jason, you don’t need to pull a double switch or go lefty-lefty every game.
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One Response to “Thoughts Before the Quick Turnaround”

  1. Jason Says:

    Let me start with the Mets….

    I have a feeling the KRod issue will quickly over take J Bay Bay’s slump as the #2 talked about Met issue (Reyes being #1, and the injury curse has just been flat out accepted by us). 19 straight saves and now this….ugh. I now find myself trying to figure out how the Mets will avoid vesting his 17.5 million dollar option without getting grieved.

    The issue I have with KRod is he still acts as if it is 2008. Perfect example is the game tying hit he gave up. He shakes off Paulino who called for a curve to throw a second straight fastball to Connor Jackson. He doesn’t have the velocity to miss with a fastball anymore. But because he snuck one by Matsui in the previous at bat he gets away from what was getting him through the inning..his curveball and changeup.

    On to my managing abilities….

    The Manny Acta comparison is wayyyyy off. Everyone knows you start going to your righty/righty and lefty/lefty pitching matchups in the 3rd inning of little league games.

    My style is really more Bobby Valentine like as I’ve been known to get ejected from games and then come back to the dugout in various disguises.

    I don’t need to justify my abilities as a manager anyway. My 3-8-2 record speaks for itself.

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