Extremely Good Player On The Right

The Mets broke through the .500 barrier in a big way.  Some pretty important things happened tonight.  Here they are for those of you that had other “obligations”…

  • The New York Mets have now won five of six and have put together a lovely little three game winning streak on the road against the big bad American League.
  • Jose Reyes went 4 for 4……again.  Seriously, we have reached the point of utter insanity where there is nothing left to say about how unbelievably well he is performing.  God forbid he has a string of games in which he goes 1 for 4.  Everyone will be proclaiming he is in a major slump.  I know we had a little bit of fun with it earlier today, but it is utterly ridiculous that Troy Tulowitzki has a chance to start in front of Jose in the 2011 All-Star Game.


  • Jason Bay broke the 299 game grand slamless streak with a blast down the left field line in the fourth inning.  While I am tickled pink that my namesake was able to make this happen, you won’t find me claiming or hoping this means he has broken out of his season long slump.  Fool me once, shame on you Jason……
  • Not to be outdone, Carlos followed with his own grand slam the very next inning.  Brilliant.
  • One could almost forget that R.A. Dickey pitched a nice little game tonight.   He has given the Mets at least seven innings and no more than three earned runs in five of his last six starts.  His ERA is now at 3.77.
  • Angel Pagan had the quietest three for three/reach base all five times imaginable.  It was so quiet, I failed to include it in the original draft of this post.
  • Keep an eye on Justin Turner.  I have a feeling his thumb is bothering him a bit more than he is letting on.  He has certainly cooled off at the plate.  That alone is not an indicator of a troublesome thumb.  His “easy” throw to first on a throw in the second that lead to an error may be the key.  He doesn’t strike me as a guy that takes plays off, so I am wondering if his thumb is more of  a factor.
  • Josh Thole said, “Screw slap singles.” and delivered his first home run of the season.
  • Manny Acosta lowered his ERA below 10.00 with a scoreless inning in the ninth.  Baby steps.
  • Who’s counting, but …..aw who the hell am I kidding, I am.…the Mets have scored 36 runs in their last three games.  That is an average of 12 runs per game (thanks Midwestropolitan Stats Department).

Tom’s prediction of taking two of three in the Motor City is looking pretty good right now.  Damn…..I’ll never hear the end of this…

3 Responses to “40-39”

  1. B. Taylor Says:

    I think you’d better be prepared to man up and take the ‘neener neeners’ from Tom ’cause I’m praying real hard for his prediction to come through… : )

    • Jason Says:

      There are very few times that I can stomach Tom’s “neener neeners”. This happens to be an example of one of them.

      I am also in the club of those hoping he is Nostradamus like with his last prognostication!

      Phenomenally and preternaturally are very good words for Jose. I am trying to stretch them out as we are running out of words to describe him.

  2. B. Taylor Says:

    I think you’ll need to change your caption under the picture to read ‘phenominally good player on the right” or ‘preternaturally good player on the right’. : ) Just saying…

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