Mets Clinch +.500 Record At The Break


A few quick thoughts before I call it a night:

  • R.A. Dickey is pitching through what I assume is a hell of a lot of pain. Despite that, he’s going out there and putting in solid outing after solid outing. It is nearly impossible for me to criticize him.
  • Brian Wilson looked ticked after he left the game. I wonder whether that has to do with his poor execution or the fact that Bruce Bochy has pitched him a few nights in a row. I doubt we’ll see him again tomorrow.
  • Either way, what a big hit by Scott Hairston. Maybe the biggest of the year to date.
  • The Mets, as mentioned in the title, clinched an above .500 record at the All-Star Break. Considering the 5-13 start and the laundry list of injuries, it’s pretty remarkable.
  • The Mets move to within 6.5 games in the Wild Card Race, pictured below.
Atlanta 53 37 72
Arizona 49 41 4.0 72
St. Louis 47 43 6.0 72
Pittsburgh 46 42 6.0 74
New York 46 43 6.5 73
Washington 45 45 8.0 72
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3 Responses to “Mets Clinch +.500 Record At The Break”

  1. B. Taylor Says:

    Hey Tom, ‘great minds think alike’.
    Those were my thoughts when I made my posts a few minutes ago – different words, same thoughts!
    : )

  2. World Wide Steve Says:

    Nice job… i’ll be followin you.. How bout Jeter’s HR today? Gotta say, the guy just is all class.. Proud of him

    • Jason Says:

      Great to hear you’ll be following, and thanks for the comment.

      As hard as it is to say kind things about the Yankees, I agree that Jeter is a class act.

      A couple of years ago I attended a presentation by Kenny Long (Yankees hitting coach). He shared a number of stories about Jeter, all of which helped increase my level of respect for the guy.

      Now A Rod on the other hand…….

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