Missing Gloves


Just a quick observation for your Sunday morning…

Don’t mistake this for belly aching, as the Bisons have done a formidable job and it has been fun as hell to watch them play.  However, last night’s game was a prime example that we not only miss Ike Davis and Jose Reyes’ bats, we also miss their defensive skills.  There were three double plays last night that I argue would have been turned had Jose and Ike been in the game.

Sometimes we forget about just how good Ike Davis is at first base, especially picking low throws out of the dirt.  I’m not knocking Lucas Duda, he is trying to play in a spot that is unnatural for him, but not gloving a low throw from Ruben Tejada in the first inning was costly.

Jose’s cannon masquerading as an arm makes up for a number of things.  Justin Turner has always been a hair slow on the turn, it was hard to notice with Jose firing the ball to first.  He is also quicker at starting a double play than Ruben Tejada.

Speaking of Ruben, he seems to be better suited for second base defensively now that I have had a chance to watch play a string of games at short.  This is a bit surprising to me knowing his natural position is at shortstop.  There were a couple of times that he seemed a step out of place last night, particularly on the missed tag.

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4 Responses to “Missing Gloves”

  1. Ben Myers Says:

    “I’m not knocking Lucas Duda, he is trying to play in a sport that in unnatural for him”

    • Tom Says:

      Haha, Jason meant “spot” but luckily I’m around to make sure he doesn’t get too senile.

      That said, maybe he’s onto something?

  2. B. Taylor Says:

    I agree.
    I also noted that with Jose at shortstop, Ruben seems to EXCEL at second base defensively.
    Ike is Ike and has made even some of the bad tosses from DW look good. Yes, best first base option since Keith H imho.

    • Tom Says:

      “I also noted that with Jose at shortstop, Ruben seems to EXCEL at second base defensively.”

      Count me in to this type of thinking as well. Another example of Jose’s maturity and leadership, IMO

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