Bochy, Beltran & Tweets From Last Night


If anybody still cares about the All-Star Game – and remember, this one counts – Bruce Bochy, after hand-picking our right fielder to be a member of the All-Star Team, now has the audacity to bat him 2nd.

We all know Beltran flew to San Francisco with Bochy, and therefore his trade to San Francisco is imminent.


Here is our new brilliant idea, Tweets From Last Night. You can follow us on twitter here.


Does @SouthwestAir fly to the city of Arizona? Robinson Cano would like to use his rapid rewards for his next Wanna Get Away. #facepalm

Brian Manzullo

BrianManzullo Brian Manzullo

Proud to live in the “city of Arizona,” per Robinson Cano. #HRderby… By the way, I’m home now.

I’m proud too, Brian #2.

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One Response to “Bochy, Beltran & Tweets From Last Night”

  1. Jason Says:

    Bochy sure does seem smittin. Carlos insists they are just friends.

    The way I see it is there are three options:

    1. Where I’m from, this is grounds for taking someone out behind the shed for a good pummeling.
    2. Parlay this into a deal for Tim Lincecum.
    3. I’m also somewhat tempted to fly down to the “city of Arizona” and kick old Bruce in the shins.

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