K-Rod Trade: Not A White Flag, A Smart Move


In trading K-Rod to Milwaukee, Sandy Alderson has made the best of a bad situation. K-Rod’s contract was heavy and his option was obviously an enormous cause for concern. K-Rod wasn’t going to be the catalyst to a playoff run, either.

If the Mets do make a run it will be because they play a couple weeks of flawless baseball starting immediately, get a little bit of help and consequently decide to hold on to Carlos Beltran. If and when the Mets elect to trade Beltran, that would be raising the white flag because his presence in the lineup is invaluable.

Alderson may elect to move Beltran regardless instead of letting him walk, but I still believe the next couple of weeks will play a big factor into that decision.

For the time being, I wouldn’t be opposed to Bobby Parnell closing out ballgames. Izzy looks exhausted.


Note: The amount of cash heading Milwaukee’s way hasn’t been confirmed as of the time I am typing this, so bother Jason if this post is outdated by the time I wake up. I can’t promise he’ll care.

Update from Jason:  Reports are saying the Mets will eat $5 million of K-Rod’s salary.  By my quick math, that is still $12.5 million better than holding on to him and letting his option vest.  A big thanks goes out to Tom for having seven of his family members out east call me at separate times to remind me to look into the cash details. 

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4 Responses to “K-Rod Trade: Not A White Flag, A Smart Move”

  1. B. Taylor Says:

    Maybe Beato can help Parnell with a little bit of Izzy when absolutely necessary over the next two weeks. This week should help him recover if he doesn’t go into a dead arm phase.
    We also have to start scoring a lot more runs than our opponents just in case. I’d rather not put these young, inexperienced guys in high pressure, ‘close the game’ situations just yet, especially with this mostly intolerant NY fan base.

  2. Jason Says:

    Spot on Tom. The K-Rod situation worked out perfectly. He established he has some value in the first half by pitching well for the most part, as well as controlling his anger issues.

    This enabled Mr. Alderson to move him and let someone else worry about his option vesting. Not to mention, he ain’t getting any younger and there is always the potential for him to blow up again.

    As far as the future is concerned, I have always believed that the role of the closer is over rated. There are only a handful of pitchers that truly are lights out. I am perfectly fine with a close by committee situation. Start with Izzy, when he is tired (which will probably be after the first week back), use Parnell, Beato, and Brydak depending on the match ups.

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