A Day Off


I have some friendly advice for you.  Take the day off.

No, not from work for those of you that have to pay the bills.  Take the day off from The New York Mets.

Blasphemy!  Right?

Nah.  We are very close to reaching a crossroads of sorts with this team.  It is very clear that the next couple of weeks will not only determine the fate of the 2011 club, but it will possibly dictate the path of the next couple of years.

That is a lot to consider and kind of makes my head hurt.  It’s going to be exciting and there is going to be a hell of a lot to talk about.  Just not today.

Nothing is going to happen today to give us any clue as to what is in store for the New York Mets.  So take a breather.

Today, I won’t frequent Metszilla, MetsBlog, The Daily Stache, ESPN New York, and all of my other favorite sources of everything Mets.  I’m going to recharge.

This does not mean I am avoiding the game of baseball entirely.  I will be attending a minor league game as the Tucson Padres host the Las Vegas 51s.

Don’t run for the hills for fear the Earth is going to implode due to too much awesomeness being in the same location.   Tom and I are not in the same town, or city of Arizona if you prefer.  I will be watching this match up in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Have I lost you yet?  Why are they playing in Fort Wayne?  Answer:  My home town is home to the Fort Wayne Tincaps who happen to be the single A affiliate for the Padres.  They are hosting this AAA game as a special promotion.

Gotta love minor league baseball.

Another coincidence, it is also Dollar Beer Night!

I am looking forward to re-charging the Mets battery.  It is far more exhilarating than what Tom will be doing.

He informed me last night that he needs to study all day for his home economics final.  Apparently, he has to demonstrate how to sew a button on a pair of pants, make french toast, and demonstrate how to properly set a table for a dinner party all in one final.  Good luck buddy!

For Those Of You That Need  A Mets Fix

I realize some of you may still be jonesing for some Mets content, so I figured I’d highlight where Midwestropolitan.com stands going into the second half of the season:

Chasing The BravesLast week I looked into what will need to occur in the second half of the season in order for the Mets to catch the annoying Atlanta Braves.

In Order Not To Be Sellers At The Deadline:  Tom feels (and I agree) that the Mets need to be five games behind in the Wild Card race for the Mets to avoid being all out sellers at the trade deadline.  Killer schedule breakdown for the Mets and Braves included.

K-Rod Trade Not A White Flag, A Smart Move:  In case you missed it yesterday, Tom provided us all with the truth about the K-Rod trade in terms of what it signifies for the Mets future.

Don’t Turn Beltran Into A Buckner:  I figured I’d through in an oldie but a goodie.  At the beginning of the season I hoped that my favorite Met, Carlos, would show all of his detractors just what he brings to table.  I would say he is well on his way to doing so.

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    [...] Midwestropolitan took a well-earned day off on Thursday – just like the Mets. [...]

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