Biting Toungues And Other Randomness


We try to make it a point not to write when we are frustrated with the Mets.  The last thing we want to have happen is for this to become a “rant a day” type of website.  We hope you visit for the humor and intelligent (I’ll let you be the final judge there) opinions we provide.

I’m not sharing this with you because I am practicing for an appearance on the Dr. Phil Show, ummkay.  I’m sharing this because I was in no position to publicize my thoughts about last night’s loss.

Heading into the game, I was genuinely excited.  I was anticipating a well-played ball game from the Mets.  Instead we got a dud.  R.A. Dickey was average, the offense was MIA, and defensively the Mets looked atrocious.  Not exactly how the second half of the season should start.

Had I written about it last night it would have been an expletive filled tirade that would have made most gangster rappers squeamish.  After a night of shut eye, I’m still disheartened about the performance.  However, it is just one game.  The Mets still have a chance to win the next two games and meet my expectations.

They certainly have their backs against the wall now.  But this team seems to be okay with that position.

A Couple Of Random Thoughts

No one has ever accused me of being the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I am somewhat surprised at the number of Mets fans that are caught up in K-Rod news.  Who cares how his option has changed with the Brewers?  The trade has been completed.  He is no longer a Met.  Let’s move forward.

Last night I shared the following thought on Twitter:

There really is no need to elaborate, I just wanted to share this with you.

While I am in the mood of sharing my tweets, I was a bit over zealous on this one:

I’m an honest guy.  I can admit when I’m wrong.  redturn2 is Justin Turner’s Twitter account for those of you that do not follow him or partake in the world of Twitter.

Well, on to this afternoon’s game.  Hopefully, Jon Niese will pitch the Mets into a tie in the series.

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One Response to “Biting Toungues And Other Randomness”

  1. B. Taylor Says:

    Jason, you weren’t the only one biting your tongue.
    (1) I was irritated not only because we really need the win, but the atrocious defense had me yelling wth on more than one occasion. I think the all star break killed the little hot streak the team was on.
    Hopefully this was just one lapse, and after reviewing their awful play of last night they will make amends today.
    (2) As you noted, K-Rod is gone so hopefully we will no longer be bombarded with more DAILY info on his progress and contract with his new team. Gads, if I hear one more comment about it, I’m going to throw something.
    (3) Yes, Bay came up to feed for about a week, then sank back into the morass of offensive indifference. Mets fans have really been tolerant with him. With any other player, they would have put a flee in his ear by now. I think the reason he’s been given so much rope is because he has definitely been well above average defensively in left field, and you can see he runs everything out and gives it his all WHEN HE GETS ON. Unfortunately that has been few and far between and it’s killing us. Beltran cannot do this alone, and Pagan is struggling, trying imo to overreach to help out. If Jose can return on Monday and D. Wright on the 22nd we may see some more positives in the w/l column.
    (4) Turner is going to have problems with his thumb until the off season when he can fully heal without the constant aggravation of bat activity. I’m sure he’ll play through it and try his best though. I know this from handling a cricket bat and a shinai with an injured thumb and fingers : )
    Hoping that today’s game will bring back the fighting Mets that we have come to love.

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