Owning Cole Hamels & Another Start For Scott?


The Mets will not catch the Philadelphia Phillies this season.  Sorry to be such a Debbie Downer.

However, the continued owning of Cole Hamels keeps getting better. Today the Mets spanked Hamels around for a career high (or low depending on who you ask) seven earned runs.

I have to believe this is getting in Hamel’s head at this point.  Unfortunately, the Midwestropolitan research staff was unable to dig up any evidence of him weeping like a little girl in the visiting clubhouse.  Instead, he gave this bland reaction,

“Haven’t really been able to get a good roll against them.  It’s kind of one of those games where you just want to throw it out.”-Cole Hamels

Hairston To Start Tomorrow?

“One thing about Scott Hairston, about a guy stepping up when someone’s not around. If that’s not an example of it, I don’t know what is.”-Terry Collins

I’d like to see Hairston get a start tomorrow.  Try to see if he has a hot hand.

After an unbelievably horrible beginning of the season, he has been displaying some pop.  Something the Mets are seriously lacking right now. Assuming Carlos can play, I would let Bay take a day off.

Let me clarify that this is more of a preference than a statement.  I won’t be calling for TC’s head if he doesn’t get the nod.


Jon Niese is good.

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3 Responses to “Owning Cole Hamels & Another Start For Scott?”

  1. B. Taylor Says:

    Hairston seems to be on a streak so I think they should keep him in. Career high 5 rbi’s!
    Isn’t it strange, on other sites fans have been screaming ‘get rid of Hairston’ et al. He was the big hitter in the game, put it out of reach for Philly, and what was their complaint? He didn’t slide properly, he didn’t run over the catcher, he’s a slow runner. My take on this – (1) he made it home and we added a run, (2) he could have gotten injured trying to run over the catcher, then we would have heard even louder screams that he didn’t have to do that, and (3) he was fast enough to make it home and score the run.
    Why can’t they just thank him for a job well done, an enjoyable game, and hope for more? Ingrates.

    • Jason Says:

      I have to admit, I was done on Hairston at the beginning of the season. More so because I had expected him to perform better.

      Now that he is, I am completely happy with him getting some at bats.

      Not sure he would have made a huge difference in today’s ball game. Simply put, giving up eight runs to anyone is an automatic loss.

  2. B. Taylor Says:

    I agree. Nothing anyone in the lineup could have done today short of two grand slams would have helped.
    As I said on another blog, I’m done with Pelfrey.
    It’s been six years and his inconsistency, his excuses and his inability to be mentally tough is killing us. Trade him if possible to a small market team where he will be comfortable being their ace. He can’t handle the pressure here and he’s as bad as Ollie Perez with ADD. You can’t be one to three in the rotation and not be fairly reliable, that’s unacceptable.
    (1) No pitcher worth their salt, asked to be anywhere from one to three in the rotation should be an automatic ‘ freebie’ to an opposing team.
    (2) It’s disheartening when your teammates knows you’re gonna put them in a hole and they have to dig out of the Grand Canyon just to break even, especially since the guys playing have been trying their best against some of the toughest pitchers in the league, and are for the most part learning on the job in the big leagues.
    Fans should not be forced to automatically write off a game the moment they know who’s pitching. That’s just awful…
    K-Rod never gave me this much angst, and he usually won.

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