Met Life Is A Tad Boring Right Now


Does anyone else feel like things associated with the Mets are in a stale, non-directional, holding pattern right now?  Maybe its just me, but I have a sense that the Mets are in a quasi sort of limbo while we wait for the trade deadline to approach.

With the exception of David Wright’s return, all things Mets related are not terribly intriguing right now.

  • They are a .500 team.  Obviously not something to be thrilled about, but not something to be completely in tears over either.  Especially when you consider the challenges they’ve faced this season.
  • All signs point to some player movement, but not a complete fire sale.  We’ll have a chance to dissect a move or two, but won’t have the crazy as hell, start from scratch, August and beyond, that a number of people believed.
  • Even the Wilpon drama has reached a boring level of calm.  It doesn’t look like they will be on the hook for a cool billion in the Madoff mess, just $300 million.  This $700 swing lowers the financial drama a bit.

I guess it’s a good thing in a way.  It’s just not terribly intriguing.

Here are a few things that could liven things up:

  • A torrid winning streak
  • An answer as to where Carlos Beltran will be playing after July 31st.
  • Someone in the Mets organization helping Tom realize his dream to be Mr. Met.
  • An ugly and embarrassing collapse by the Phillies or Braves or both.
  • The Mets decide to install temporary fencing you see at slow pitch softball fundraisers to increase the number of home runs at Citi Field.
  • The Mets hold days during Friday night home games which consist of:
  1. TC and Chip Hale get the night off as Tom and I manage and coach third base.
  2. Beer is only a $1, there are all you can eat nachos, and all of the concession stands serve Tom’s famous upside down pineapple cake.
  3. I am “Mic’d up” so the entire stadium can hear everything I say, even when I ream Tom’s ass for waving Ronny Paulino home from second on an infield hit.  
  4. If Tom cries, everyone in attendance gets a free pizza from Pizza Hut.
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