Reaction To Beltran Trade


I’ll get more in depth on Carlos’ tenure with the Mets when I have more time tomorrow.  However, I did want to take a second and share my opinion on the trade tonight.

Basically, there are two sides to me in terms of how I follow the Mets.  There is the fan side that can get tied up in the ups and downs of following this franchise, and there is the realistic or grown up half that can separate the emotions away and look at the business aspect of things.

On one hand, watching the Mets knowing that Carlos is no longer a part of the franchise feels awkward.  I already know it will be downright uncomfortable to see him in a Giants uniform.  This side of me is pretty bummed right now.

On the other hand, I believe this to be the right move by the Mets front office.  Especially, when I consider the fact that they stuck to their guns and didn’t budge on getting a top of the line prospect.  Mr. Alderson also succeeds based on the fact that it is a pitching prospect to boot.

Another point in favor for the grown up side is I truly don’t know how much longer Carlos’ degenerative knee will hold up.  Holding on to him longer, whether it be the rest of this season or giving him a contract extension, is way too risky.

The Mets are at a point that forgoing a chance to build for the future to salvage a Hail Mary of a playoff chance is plain silly.

Besides, I don’t think the offense has been the reason why the Mets are a shade over .500.  It boils down to pitching my friends, and that is exactly what the Mets invested in today.

Although I’m a bit melancholy that Carlos is no longer a Met, I believe this to be the right decision for the Mets organization.

White Flag Schmite Flag

One other quick point while I have you here.  I don’t want to hear anymore of this “white flag” talk.  It is very clear this is a big picture decision and it makes sense.  Let’s not whine about it.

This group of players has commented that they want to stick together and they genuinely enjoy playing with each other.  I dig that, and it has correlated into a more entertaining team to watch.  However, feeling good and winning games are two different things.  You want to stay together?  Earn it by making a playoff run that no one expects to happen.

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