Should Capuano Stay Or Go?


Based on Terry Collins’ recent comments about guys auditioning for future jobs, I’ve been trying to decide whether or not certain players should be a part of the 2012 season.  That’s really all we have left at this point.

I realize there is still a lot of baseball to be played and making any kind of final decision is futile, but it is fun to ponder as things stand today.

Today, I focused on Chris Capuano.  Largely due to the fact that the starting rotation is the area in which I feel needs the most work.  I’ll get into that more as the days progress.

Cap deserves some credit.  He was a gamble going into the season and he has been a consistent innings eater. For the most part, he’s kept the Mets in contention during his starts.

If you look at his numbers, I feel it is fair to expect him to give you six innings and anywhere between 3 to 6 earned runs a start.  In other words, average to above average.

Cap makes sense on a team as a fifth starter/relief pitcher.  That’s the only way I would bring him back.  He can handle either role nicely.

That’s also the problem. If you keep Cap, who goes?  You can’t throw three or four average to above average starting pitchers in one rotation.  With the exception of R.A. Dickey, all of the Mets starters have Capuano type numbers.  You have to aim higher if you want to improve the club in 2012.

Cap’s age doesn’t help him either.  Niese and Gee are still young and developing, so their ceiling is certainly higher.  Pelfrey may be treading on thin ice but he is also younger and has flashes of brilliance.

Quite the conundrum for Chris Capuano in 2012.

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4 Responses to “Should Capuano Stay Or Go?”

  1. B. Taylor Says:

    If Cap is willing to take a job as long relief/starter in a crunch, I think they should keep him. As a regular starter, once he goes beyond five innings opponents begin to hit him pretty hard, so unless our offense improves with big bat hitting, he fits in nicely as long relief imo.

    • Jason Says:

      The thing that scares me the most about our current rotation is that we have five guys who are 3,4,5 guys max in terms of their slot in the rotation.

      They’re not awful by any means. One or two of them would be fine, they just need to complimentary to a stopper/ace or two stoppers/aces if you want to compete in the NL East.

  2. B. Taylor Says:

    If Niese can make that extra step, he could be a nice number two, but he needs just that extra push and he has to try to get beyond this point in the season without being out of gas.

    • Jason Says:

      I agree B. However, I feel like he has one more year to show us he is capable of taking the next step, so to speak. If he doesn’t, I’m not sure he ever will.

      It’s almost similar to Pelfrey. At what point do you accept that he is what he is and improvement is unlikely? If this is Niese’s plateau, he looks like he will be a 4 or 5 guy too.

      That’s not necessarily a bad thing for him. Every team needs a 4 or 5.

      My point is the Mets need to find a 1 and 2 guy (Dickey being my 3 right now).

      I’ve been planning on going into this in detail. Finding the time to do it is the challenge now.

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