Winning Against Division Leaders Is An Illusion


We all remember that sweet little story about the Little Engine That Could.  You know the one.  The cute, sweet, little engine that tried like the Dickens to get over that big, big hill.

Bah humbug.

Life is not like the little kiddy books we read before bedtime.  It’s cold and cruel at times.  Many wanted to believe the Mets were that little engine (myself included).  It didn’t matter what reality was. We believed that if the Mets fought hard enough they would have a chance.

Unfortunately friends, the real world is settling in.  It doesn’t matter how hard the Mets try, they are simply not talented enough to beat teams like the Brewers and the Phillies.  It hurts to write that, but sometimes the truth hurts.

Be realistic.  Before the season started it was going to be a tough road to hoe.  Now look at the bumps along the way.  No Johan, David Wright missed 50 plus games, Jose Reyes has been on the DL twice, Ike Davis played a whopping 36 games….you get the point.

Avoiding sweeps is the reality.  Winning against division leaders is an illusion.

The point is, I hope Terry Collins and my fellow Mets fans put this stretch into perspective.  The Amazin’s are playing superior teams (talent wise) while they are short-handed.

Put it this way.  How well do you think the Phillies would perform if they lost Roy Halladay for the season, Ryan Howard only played 36 games, Shane Victorino was on the DL sporadically throughout the year, and Chase Utley spent 50 plus games on the DL.  Trade away Ryan Madson too while you are at it.  Would they make the playoffs?  They certainly wouldn’t be running away with the division title, that’s for sure.

Don’t mistake this for an excuse for the players to mail it in.  They are professionals and need to handle their business accordingly.  I’m just not ready to bitch and moan about how horrible this current streak is.  To use a phrase that is quickly becoming cliche, it is what it is.

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3 Responses to “Winning Against Division Leaders Is An Illusion”

  1. B. Taylor Says:

    Well put, Jason.
    I think the goal for the team at this point is to keep fighting at every game.
    The goal for any true fan is to
    (1) Look beyond the losses and still show support. Once the team became riddled with injuries our chances dwindled, but this team of substitutes and ‘come backers’ has made it one of the most enjoyable seasons of being a Mets fan in a long time.
    (2) Look at the guys who are working hard for a spot on the team for next season. They may be a part of our future.
    (3) Look at how well Sandy Anderson and Co. are trying to restock the farm system. We have a lot of potential there now where before we had very few.
    (4) Look at how hard TC has fought to change the culture of the club and keep the guys from falling back into seasons past negativity.
    Our road to a championship takes time, but I see it within our grasp within the next few years.
    Next year will be a new chapter, and all for the BETTER.
    Don’t you just see it?

  2. B. Taylor Says:

    ‘ I’m just not ready to bitch and moan about how horrible this current streak is…’
    Whenever we lose a game I go back to the positive highlights, past and present, to lift my spirits. I see the possibilities for the future…

  3. Jason Says:

    I agree 100% that rebuilding will take time. As long as the Mets improve in 2012 I will be satisfied. Expecting the playoffs may not be reasonable until 2013. We’ll see what happens though.

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