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Jose’s Batting Title Strategy

September 28, 2011

Let me be clear about Jose Reyes’ batting title strategy. His decision to lift himself from the game today after getting a hit in his first at bat was weaksauce, plain and simple.  I don’t agree with it and wouldn’t make the same decision if I were in his place.

I also believe that Jose has earned a bit of a pass due to the fact that no other Met in the history of the franchise has even had the opportunity to be able to make a decision like this.  Again, not how I would handle it, but I’m not going to disown the guy over a difference of opinion.

Come April, 2012 I doubt many of us will even care about this decision as Jose is racing for third after roping a line drive in the gap.  Unless, of course, he is wearing another team’s uniform.

The bottom line is, I am not going to let one weaksauce decision in a meaningless game change my opinion on whether I want the Mets to re-sign an upper tier player in his prime.  Strike that.  I won’t let one weaksauce decision in a meaningless game change my opinion on whether I want the Mets to re-sign an home-grown upper tier player in his prime.

While we are on the topic of re-signing Jose, allow me to share that there are two scenarios in which I would understand if the Mets choose not to re-sign Reyes.

  1. Jose’s salary demands are too high.  Sorry, 20 million a season is too much for one player.  Feel free to label me a cheap bastard if you want.
  2. Mr. Alderson chooses to parlay the money he saves on letting Jose go into serious pitching help.  I am talking a #1 starter type here.  Don’t ask me who that will be, it’s not my job to figure out the details.  That’s what Alderson gets paid the big bucks for.

We’re Still Watching

September 9, 2011

At the beginning of the season, April 4th to be exact, I shared something with you that is contrary to what most bloggers believe:

“A message to new readers of this blog:

I am not a believer of forcing the issue,  in terms of providing content for this blog that is.  I do enjoy the stolen base and the squeeze bunt however.

Although I have been writing quite frequently lately, there will be times when that is not the case.  You see, I believe in quality not quantity.  The quality part is a matter of debate for some of you I’m sure.

There are a number of great Mets Blogs out in the blogosphere which helps makes this team fun to follow.  There are also a number of them out there that aren’t so great.  One reason for this, in my humble opinion, is some people tend to force the issue and post content just for the sake of posting content.”- Me

I share this because I wanted to let you know that we’re still here, and still watching.  There hasn’t been much that has inspired us to write.  New developments and interesting subject matter have been hard to come by.

There are three reasons for this:

  1. The Mets are not in playoff contention and haven’t been for quite some time.
  2. The trading deadline has come and gone.
  3. Due to injuries, we are quite familiar with the Mets’ young talent.  In reality, their September call-ups found themselves on the MLB roster in April and June.

Just like you, we are keeping a close eye on the following situations :

  • The Jose Batting Title Chase:  I am a bit surprised that this hasn’t received more attention.  After all, the Mets have never had a batting champion.  I realize it may be counter productive, but I am pulling for Jose.  I don’t care that it adds value to his side of the negotiating table.  I want it to happen.
  • Is Lucas Duda A Full Time Solution In The Outfield?
  • The Bench Mix:  Tejada, Murhpy, and Turner have all played well this season.  Now Nick Evans is showing his stuff for his homies as well.
  • Pitching Woes:  The weak link that needs the most attention on this team.  Who stays?  Who goes?

I guess we could share our thoughts on the topics above each day.  The problem with that is, I for one, am taking this time to observe.  I haven’t made up my mind on what I think should happen and I want to play the season out before I start weighing in.

So never fear friends, we haven’t left you.  As exciting as Scott Hairston’s strained oblique is, it doesn’t make the cut.  Once things get a little more juicy, you’ll hear from us more frequently.

Until then, stay thirsty my friends.

Thole Likely Out For Entire 2012 Season

September 2, 2011

Sorry buddy.

It’s baaaaaaaaaaack…the dastardly bone bruise finds another unsuspecting Met victim in Josh Thole.

Does this sound familiar?

“As the night progressed, it was getting better.”-Josh Thole

kind of similar to this,

May 11, 2011

“Hopefully be back soon.”-Ike Davis

or my personal favorite,

June 22, 2009

“We hope that it’s only two weeks, that’s what we hope.”  Omar Minaya on Carlos Beltran

I guess we can be thankful this is in Josh’s hand and not in his leg like his Met predecessors.

Aw, who am I kidding?  See you in 2013 Josh.

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