I would like to tell you that I do not have a petty bone in my body, and that it does not matter to me whether or not the Yankees or Phillies win in the playoffs.

I would also like to tell you that I do not take satisfaction in seeing the look of shock on Yankee and Philly fans’ faces as they realize that they just got bounced from the playoffs in the divisional round…at home.

The reality is my friends, I am not bigger than that.  I do possess a petty bone in my body, and I received a small amount of satisfaction witnessing the shock on our rival fans faces.

So follow the advice I received from Tom in a text last night,

“Rejoice” -Tom


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2 Responses to “Rejoice”

  1. B Taylor Says:

    Jason, know that you don’t stand alone.
    This is the first year in all my many years of watching baseball that I too have taken a subjective exception to another team. The Yankees not so much. I just want them to lose whenever they play us, otherwise I don’t really care what they do. The Phillies are another story entirely, the result of all the insults and meanness and a couple of dirty plays we have had to suffer from them. So I snicker at their loss.
    Our job now is to improve OUR TEAM so that we can STEP ON THEIR NECK every chance we get…

    • Jason Says:

      Figuratively stepping on the Phillies’ neck sounds like fun. Improvements need to be made, particularly in the pitching department. If I had to say now, I would guess that we won’t be relevant until 2013. But that’s not knowing what will happen in this off-season.

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