A Midwest Rivalry


Considering the fact this website is titled Midwestropolitan, I would be remiss if I didn’t share this article about the nasty little feud that has developed between St. Louis and Milwaukee.

Baseball Culture Clash Makes NLCS Fun

Especially an article that asks,

“What kind of freaky Midwestern culture war is this, anyway?”

Author’s Note:  After reading the article, does anyone else think Tony LaRussa has more than just a man crush on Albert Puljols?

I for one can certainly get into this series.  For the record, I’m pulling for the Brew Crew.  It’s quite simple, the Cardinals are my third least favorite team in the National League .  Behind the Phillies and Braves…duh.  During my formative Met years in the 80′s they were a bitter rival.  Combine this with 2006, and well, there you go.

Back to the rivalry that has formed between these two teams.  Can you imagine the pub this series would have if this was the Yankees and Red Sox?  Picture Jacoby Ellsbury talking shit via Twitter about “Alexa Rodriguez”.  ESPN would be ramming it down our throats every chance they got.

Thankfully, this isn’t happening because the Red Sox suffered an epic collapse, and the Yankees were bounced in the Divisional Series.





*gasp for air*


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2 Responses to “A Midwest Rivalry”

  1. Jerry Z Says:

    I’m also keeping tabs of the NLCS. I’m rooting for the Brew Crew as well in this series. Being a child of the 80′s, I fondly recall the ’82 team that made it to the World Series. And I’m glad that Milwaukee is at least experiencing playoff baseball, nearly 30 years is quite a long time for playoff caliber baseball. But I remember not as fondly the Cardinals of that decade. As time has passed the Phillies & Braves rivalry has surpassed the Cards, but memories do not fade so quickly. I still remember 1985, the year the Mets won 98 games and missed post season play, Cards won 101; no wild Card then.

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