The Dickey Deal


RA Jersey

Ladies, gentlemen, friends, family, and irrational Met Fans,

The intent of this post is to publish and prove the factual statement that the R.A. Dickey trade is a good move.  I will prove this in a clear, concise, and unemotional manner.  For those of you that thrive on drama, exit out of this post and go watch Terms of Endearment.

Fact #1:

R.A. Dickey had a career year in 2012.  Not just for him, a career year for the vast majority of major league hurlers past, present, and future.  History tells us it is extremely difficult to match a season like that.  Therefore, it is very unlikely his value to will be any higher.

Fact #2:

R.A. Dickey is 38 years old.  The chances of him staying this effective and relevant are not very high.

Fact #3:

Combine Dickey’ shelf life with his current effectiveness, and it is clear he is a great fit for a team ready to compete this year, and perhaps a year or two in the future.  The New York Mets have not changed their 2012 lineup.  In fact, they have only subtracted players.  With R.A. Dickey in the rotation, performing at a Cy Young Award winning pace, the Mets finished in fourth place.  Clearly, this team is not ready to compete now.

Fact 4:

The New York Mets do not have the finances to sign a Josh Hamilton or Zack Greinke, or both for that matter.

These are the facts, and they are irrefutable.  After looking at the situation factually, realistically, and rationally the quickest and best way to build a winner in Queens was to trade #43.


Thank you R.A., for carrying yourself with class and potentially helping the New York Mets for years to come.


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