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And Now Deep Game 2 Thoughts

April 7, 2012

Some random observations that crossed the pea sized object inside my skull during game 2:

  • Too bad I missed D. Wright’s bomb, but my chicken parm was worth it.  Besides, there will be more (optimistic font).
  • Thole is swingin’ it.
  • Dude.
  • Pradio’s homer doesn’t exactly make Warthen look like a genius.  Nice visit.
  • I don’t want to mow my lawn.
  • Ike needs to chill the f$%# out.  As annoying as the outside corner strike has been, it has been called all game.  Bitching out the ump will only hurt his cause.  Especially if he gets a reputation as being a whiner.  We all know he is bad ass, but unfortunately the rest of the league and especially the umps still need some more proof before he gets that call.
  • Bobby’s strikeout pitch to Michael Bourn was filthy.  Man I hope he has this figured out for the long haul.
  • A beer sounds nice about now.
  • Dude squared.
  • Keith calling out Juan Francisco for wearing his hat “half cock-eyed” was hilarious.

“Come on, look like a ballplayer.” -Keith Hernandez

  • Jon Rauch is tall.  Shouldn’t he be throwing the ball 137mph?  I hope he doesn’t read this.
  • Two saves in a row, Mr. Francisco.  Nice.
  • It sure feels nice to start the season off with a series win against the Braves.
  • Sweep?

And Now Deep Game 1 Thoughts

April 6, 2012

Some random observations that crossed the pea sized object inside my skull during game 1:

  • The pre-game ceremony remembering Gary Carter was classy.  Well done Mets brass.
  • Ah, Johan is back.  I really wish SNY would remove the pitch count graphic when he pitches.  I find myself somewhat consumed by projecting out how many innings he’ll go.  I hate that.
  • Daniel Murphy can still hit.  Sweet.
  • I find it ironic that the player we traded Angel Pagan for in the off-season gets picked off at first base in the season opener.  Aren’t 34-year-old veteran lead off men supposed to keep base running errors to a minimum?
  • The “no shit” statement of the game:

“And that’s not what he wanted to do there.”-Keith Hernandez in the 5th inning after Johan walked the 8 & 9 hitters (the 9th hitter being the opposing pitcher).

  • Johan is the only pitcher I have confidence in getting out of that situation.  Well done El Gocho.
  • Who schedules a staff meeting in the middle of the Mets’ opening day?
  • Cool, still zero zero  “Who’s winning?  The Bears.”  Didn’t miss anything.
  • David Wright with a clutch hit.  Man it would be sweet if he has a monster year.  This is certainly a decent start.
  • Jason Bay got on base.  That’s nice.
  • Duda & Ike a combined 0 for 8 with 4 Ks.  Ouch.  It’s only one game though.  No biggie.
  • Diggin’ the 1-2-3 save by Francisco.  Dramatic, nail-biting, saves are over rated.
  • Nice win.  Enjoyed it.  Mets are STILL in 1st place.


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