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Beltran Flying With Giants Equals Trade?

July 11, 2011

Was anyone else significantly annoyed by how many times the bland (minus Bobby V of course) ESPN crew talked about Carlos Beltran flying to Arizona with the Giants?

I understand how the logistics of Beltran sharing a flight with the Giants is interesting.  It is kind of like another guy giving your girlfriend a ride home (credit to Tom for this gem of an analogy), or Kramer stopping short on Frank Costanza’s wife.  However, it isn’t so earth shatteringly interesting that we need to hear about it every other inning.

It also does not equate to the Giants making a deal to obtain Carlos.  In fact, there seems to be more reasons this deal won’t happen.

  1. I’m not entirely sold the Giants have a huge desire to upgrade right now.  The rest of the NL West isn’t exactly frightening as the only threat of competition comes from the Diamondbacks.  Their ball club is strong enough to take the division without an upgrade that may hamper them in the future.  One thing I have learned about baseball trade speculation is the media and fans are focused on immediate gratification while most front offices weigh in long-term effects when considering trading players.
  2. The Giants are built around one of the best starting rotations in baseball.  Frankly, I give the Phillies just a slight edge in that department.  Why would the Giants trade away what everyone else covets just for short-term success?  Plus, their outstanding rotation and solid bullpen means they are built to win in the playoffs.  We keep saying, chicks dig the long ball, but year after year it is pitching that brings home the Commissioner’s Trophy.
  3. San Francisco does not  strike me as a club that is looking to rent a player, especially now that Pablo Sandoval doesn’t look like he eats five square meals a day at all you can eat Chinese buffets.  In order to obtain Beltran, you have to assume he is going to test the free agent waters, especially knowing he is a Scott Boras client.
  4. The Giants have options in the outfield.  It’s not like they are absolutely awful.  Bruce Bochy has a number of options with Cody Ross, Aaron Rowand, Nate Schierholtz, Pat Burrell, and Andres Torres.  He has the ability to play the hot hand as well as take advantage of match ups that favor particular hitters.  Combine that with the fact they have Brandon Belt who could be called up to see what he can do at the big league level (he has a .295 average and 10 HR in 51 games in AAA).

As much fun as it is for some to picture Bruce Bochy and company feeding Carlos Beltran grapes and polishing his shoes during the flight to Arizona, there isn’t enough tangible evidence like either front office acknowledging legitimate discussions for me to think this will happen.

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