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Thanks Jon, Justin, and Jose

May 18, 2011

Tonight’s crew chief, Bill Miller, decided he was going to have the Mets and Nats man up as they played through sheets of rain tonight.  I’ve never seen an umpire continue play with an infield as wet as it was.

Oh well, no harm no foul Bill.  Thanks to Jon Niese, Justin Turner, and Jose Reyes for leading the way as the  Mets pick up another W.

Niese has slowly turned into a quasi-innings eater.  Tonight’s seven innings of shut out ball gives him seven out of nine starts in which he’s gone at least six innings deep.

The innings pitched are always a good thing. Hopefully, this shutout begins a trend for Lima, Ohio’s very own Jon Niese.

Not Really An “I Told You So.”, But Sort Of

On January 3, I wrote the following:

“I am still puzzled about Justin Turner. I could not figure out why he only received eight at bats last season. It was hardly a fair opportunity for someone that has a .308 batting average in over 200 games in AAA.” -Me

I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect to see the monster start Turner has provided.  I was just shocked that a guy with .308 average in AAA didn’t get more of a look last year.  Thankfully, at least in Turner’s case, Brad Emaus and Chin-Lung Hu were dreadful this season.

Before we anoint him the next Hall of Famer, let’s see how Justin does once pitcher’s start adjusting to him.  Sorry to be a wet blanket.  Just being realistic or protecting myself from disappointment.  Take your pick.

Jose, Please Stay.

I know Reyes has no control over his future as a Met.  After his last hit tonight  I had the following thought that pretty much sums up my opinion about Jose’s future as a Met:

“If the Mets let Reyes go, it will be a sad sad day.   I am willing to take the risk of potential injury. Sign the man so we don’t have to see him in another uniform doing what he is doing right now.“-Me

A Game Of Inches

May 17, 2011

A quick thought about Chin-Lung Hu’s demotion.

If his hard hit grounder in the ninth inning is a few more inches away from Hanley Ramirez and winds up getting through, the Mets are walk off winners.

I would find it hard to believe he would be on his way to Buffalo after that.  Not that I disagree with sending him down.  I’m just sayin’.

Truly A House Money Game

May 11, 2011

Prior to the start of this current series, I expected the Mets to drop two of three in Colorado.  For proof, check out the Midwestropolitan Facebook Page (shameless plug, give it a like).

Last night’s strange win sets up the mother of all House Money Games.  I say this based on what today’s lineup is going to look like if this indication from Terry Collins  stays true to form:

“Collins indicated his starting lineup would have Daniel Murphy at first base, Justin Turner at third base and likely Willie Harris at second base over Chin-lung Hu.

Combine this motley crew and the fact that they are facing Ubaldo Jimenez, and we have ourselves a slim chance to win.  The positive to this particular thought is that a win would be a pretty decent momentum builder.

Stranger things have happened I guess.


By now you may have heard that this game has been postponed due to rain.  Obviously, this changes the Mets chances based on their lineup tomorrow.

I’m glad I spent hours slaving over this literary masterpiece.  Thanks a lot Mother Nature.

Madoff Solution: Buy More Beer

April 9, 2011

You may have noticed, but I haven’t focused on the Madoff Mess that much.  This is by all means intentional.

I do not possess the patience, intelligence, or desire to dig into the thousands of pages of hooey created by this lawsuit.  The reality of the situation is it will be a long arduous road traveled until this thing plays out.  It is something that is above my head so it isn’t worth spending much time worrying about.

I prefer this approach:

It’s a scary situation with Madoff.  But I can’t focus on that. I’ve got to focus on pitching, hitting and running. Let’s keep buying beer and they’ll be O.K. -Mets Fan, Annie Neglia

On To Tonight’s Game:

There is absolutely zero factual basis for this, but I feel  a win is in the cards for the Mets tonight.

The announced lineup including Scott Hairston, Chin-lung Hu, and Mike Nickeas are batting .174 against Nats starter Tom Gorzelanny certainly doesn’t help my prediction.   A note to Scott Hairston:  Quit swinging out of your shoes.  You were signed because you are a solid bench player.  Babe Ruth you ain’t.

The fact that the Amazin’s are on a three game skid isn’t exactly helpful either.

Maybe it is as simple as me wanting all of the Chicken Little drivel to go away.  I’m not above letting something like this drive my gut feelings.

Hu’s Hitting

February 22, 2011

Every time I read Chin-Lung Hu being described as “slick” fielding I get worried.

Normally when a player is frequently described in this manner, it is really a euphemism for a player that is solid in the field but can’t hit a lick.

Hopefully, my worries will be proven unfounded.


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