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Whoa, Easy There Tiger

April 16, 2011

I was perusing along several different websites, checking out comments, and what have you, when I came along this angry little gem:

Collins would never pull Murphy out of a game. Check out the last names. Do you see the connection? The team must be sold. Period! Terry Collins is a worse manager than Jerry Manuel, Art Howe and Willie Randolph. No wonder he hasn’t managed in 11 years.

My immediate thought was, “Um, no.  I don’t see the connection.  Collins and Murphy seem to be very different last names.  They don’t even begin or end with the same letter.”

Can anyone help me out here?

The other thought I had after reading this is, the Mets really need to win a few.  There are so many people that have gone over the proverbial deep end that the thought of the  types of things people will write if this skid continues is starting to scare me a bit.


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