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Monday With Midwestropolitan

April 18, 2011

A few thoughts as you begin your week.

Mets Met Expectations In Atlanta

It is hard to believe after the double-header sweep, but the Mets actually met my expectations this weekend.  I’m not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.  I’ll let you be the judge.

April 15th:

Now the Mets travel to Atlanta with a huge black cloud of disappointment hovering over their heads.  It is still early, so I expect the Mets to scrap out at least one win this weekend even though they are playing in Atlanta, a place that has not been too friendly over the years.

They also were able to obtain their first DDG win of the season with yesterday’s 3-2 victory.  One could argue that the disappointment already occurred, but rules are rules.  Here’s a definition for those that need a refresher.

Games in which the Mets find themselves fighting for their life to keep me happy have been creatively called “Don’t Disappoint Games” (DDGs).

Let’s use the Colorado series as an example, shall we?

Going into the series I felt Colorado certainly had a better team and were playing better baseball.  However, the Mets were at home so I felt it was reasonable to expect them to split the series.

As you all know, the Mets dropped the first two games of the four game set putting them in a very perilous position.  They faced not one, but two DDGs.  0-2 in DDGs…ugh.

Terry “The Terminator” Collins

I’m shocked that we haven’t heard about another Mets player on the DL based on how hard Terry Collins was slapping guys in the back during the post game congratulatory handshakes yesterday.  Easy boy.  We’re all glad you got the win, but it doesn’t justify punching a hole through one of your player’s back.

They Said It

It is always fun to read quotes that are unique from the “we played hard and got the right bounces” type of drivel that is typical in pointless post game interviews.  Here are a few I liked from yesterday:

Dillon Gee

It’s the same game out there, no matter what glove you’ve got.

Gee’s “I’ll play in a parking lot if you let me.” quote as he was talking about playing with Bobby Parnell’s glove and Josh Thole’s spikes due to travel complications involved in getting to Atlanta.

Robert Allen Dickey

If I’m going to get dressed up, I might as well play.

Just another example of why we love us some Dickey.  He is talking about throwing an inning of relief in yesterday’s win of course.

Terry Collins

Believe me, we haven’t played up to our capabilities, but we’re a good team.

I appreciate that he is defending his players.  It is a prerequisite for any manager.  I just wish he wouldn’t take it too far.  Just leave it at “we haven’t played up to our capabilities.”

Every time a member of the organization makes comments about how “good” this team is, it makes me cringe.  No one is buying this type of lip service so stop providing the media cannon fodder.  Just play and let the cards fall where they may.


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