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Fun In The Sun

March 24, 2011


You may or may not have seen this video already. There is one thing that struck me right away when watching it. I couldn’t remember the last time I saw a video of anyone in the Mets organization having fun.

Watch it again. Listen to everyone. Beltran yelling “Atta boy! Atta boy!” various coaches, staff, and players laughing and clapping. What a refreshing thing to see. I hope it is a sign of the overall atmosphere in the organization.

I know, I know. How can they possibly be having fun with the huge Madoff Mess hanging over their heads? How can they possibly be having fun with all of the questions surrounding the roster?

I have an idea. It’s a game. It is supposed to be fun. I believe the organization has the right people on the bus in terms of the front office. So I am willing to show some patience and just enjoy watching baseball this year. No expectations. Try it. I dare you. It is extremely liberating.

Hopefully the players, front office, and other members of the organization actually believe what they have been saying for weeks:

They have no control over the lawsuit and nothing has happened to indicate to them they are in trouble financially this year.

This attitude may be trickling down to the blog world. I am beginning to read about how people are sick of the “PessaMets” attitude that has prevailed over fans and the organization the last few years.

Amen brother. I am all aboard.


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