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Summing Up The Madoff Mess

February 4, 2011

If you are like me, trying to ascertain the true impact of the Madoff mess is a gargantuan task. Did they or didn’t they? One billion or $300 million? Positive net worth or negative net worth?

One thing is certain, this situation is not drivel created by the media to entertain the masses. This is an affair that Met fans should pay close attention to.

Howard Megdal summed it up best as he wrote the following:

“But make no mistake: the resolution of Irving Picard’s suit against Fred Wilpon is not a mere distraction. Reasonable people can disagree about the need for steroids coverage, but it is indisputably re-litigating the past. The result of Picard’s suit, and the financial maneuvering it forces upon Fred Wilpon, will impact the way the Mets are run for years to come. This will be true whether with a new owner, a financially-compromised Wilpon ownership, or a minority partner empowered in some way with the team (authority or cut of profits).”

Typically, I believe that the truth lies somewhere in the middle in most matters. This lawsuit is probably no different. The problem is, the middle of one billion and 300 million dollars doesn’t exactly drum up thoughts of smooth sailing for the Mets operationally.

The Wilpons have sealed the deal in terms of starting us off with another season of uncertainty. Sadly, the financial issues the Mets face are ginormous in comparison to Carlos Beltran’s knee or Jose Reyes’ impending free agency.

Thanks for the annual bout of pre-season torment Frank, Jeffy, and Uncle Saul.

Look at it this way, paying Oliver Perez 12 million dollars this season doesn’t seem like all that much money anymore. There is always a silver lining……

Originally published on Mets Gazette.


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