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Video Of Mets Outfield Play In Game One

April 14, 2011

Midwestropolitan has been granted unprecedented access to the first game of today’s double header.  Here is footage of the Mets outfiled play.

Some Post Game Thoughts While I Have A Minute:

I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Terry Collins as I listened to/watched this game.  I truly believe that he is sincere about playing the game the right way (even though I kid sometimes).  It doesn’t help that the Mets used this call to fundamentals as a marketing ploy at the beginning of the season either.

It was good to see the fellas try to claw back into this one.  My hope is that coming this close doesn’t demoralize them completely, rather it gives them a boost of confidence.  Either way we’ll learn a lot about this group in the next few games.

David Wright will probably get lambasted by all of the Negative Nancies out there because he couldn’t come through in the bottom of the ninth.  There was nothing more I would have liked to have seen than him getting a hit to win the game. Instead, the 385 foot flyball will be portrayed as him choking by some I’m sure.

Here’s to hoping game two will have a better result.


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