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Bay For MVP

April 22, 2011

Clearly Jason Bay is a team changer.  How else can we explain the one game about-face with the Mets?

Don’t let the box score fool you either.  Jason Bay chose to go one for four on the night.  He is unselfish and wanted his team mates to shine.  He can hit solo bombs like Mike Nickeas, David Wright, and Ike Davis whenever he feels like it.

He chose to change this team in different ways.

1.  Bay’s mere presence abruptly stopped David Wright’s horrific 0 for 20 slump and turned the Mets offense into a run scoring machine.

2.  During his time on the DL he watched a great deal of film and noticed some issues with Chris Capuano’s mechanics.  He advised CC on a slight adjustment and voila.

It is the only way I can explain Capuano going seven deep and giving up only one run compared to the 5.5 he averaged in his first two starts.

3.  Last but not least, let’s talk about how foolish Bay decided to make Hunter Pence look in right field.  By now you surely have seen the four base error that took place in the eighth inning of last night’s game.

I bet you didn’t know that Jason Bay controlled the flight of the ball with his mind forcing the ball to avoid Pence’s glove completely demoralizing him and the Astros.

He did the same exact thing in the in the bottom of the fourth.  How else can you get a ground rule double that lands in front of the right field ball boy?

In all seriousness, I never understood people who choose to Bay hate.  I get the fact that he didn’t exactly rip the cover off the ball last year.  But the dude gives it his all every play.

The reason why he missed so many games is due to the fact that he pulled a Bump Bailey and knocked himself silly chasing down a fly ball.  Give me that kind of effort any day.  That’s all I ever ask.

Madoff Solution: Buy More Beer

April 9, 2011

You may have noticed, but I haven’t focused on the Madoff Mess that much.  This is by all means intentional.

I do not possess the patience, intelligence, or desire to dig into the thousands of pages of hooey created by this lawsuit.  The reality of the situation is it will be a long arduous road traveled until this thing plays out.  It is something that is above my head so it isn’t worth spending much time worrying about.

I prefer this approach:

It’s a scary situation with Madoff.  But I can’t focus on that. I’ve got to focus on pitching, hitting and running. Let’s keep buying beer and they’ll be O.K. -Mets Fan, Annie Neglia

On To Tonight’s Game:

There is absolutely zero factual basis for this, but I feel  a win is in the cards for the Mets tonight.

The announced lineup including Scott Hairston, Chin-lung Hu, and Mike Nickeas are batting .174 against Nats starter Tom Gorzelanny certainly doesn’t help my prediction.   A note to Scott Hairston:  Quit swinging out of your shoes.  You were signed because you are a solid bench player.  Babe Ruth you ain’t.

The fact that the Amazin’s are on a three game skid isn’t exactly helpful either.

Maybe it is as simple as me wanting all of the Chicken Little drivel to go away.  I’m not above letting something like this drive my gut feelings.


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