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Where I Stand

February 29, 2012

Recently, a good buddy of mine asked me in an email what the Mets’ chances are this year.  I thought I would share it with you because it pretty much sums up where I’m at with the boys in blue and orange.

Forgive any grammatical errors you may find as I copied my reply verbatim:

Yeah, 2012 is going to be rough. Even worse than the fact the Wilpons are strapped financially because of Madoff, is the fact that they seem resolved to do everything within their power to hold onto the team.  I don’t necessarily blame them, it just sucks for fans because we have to wait for this mess to play itself out.

I think they will be close to the same record as last year.  Ike Davis is for real so he’ll add some pop to the lineup if he doesn’t have another mysterious ankle injury on a pop up to the pitcher.  Lucas Duda is also intriguing and could be a dark horse for a breakout year from my glass is half full perspective.

The reality is they need David Wright,  Jason Bay, and more importantly Johan Santana to somehow perform as they did in their prime to be better than 75 wins.  If any of them do, I think they should trade them as soon as possible.  This would get some huge contracts off the books, allow the front office to invest it more wisely to prepare for 2013 or 2014 when they are anticipating some good young arms to mature for the rotation.  I know you can’t depend on guys in the minors to reach potential, but what other option do they have?  They don’t have the ability to sign high priced free agents, so no use crying over spilled milk in my opinion.

Spring Training

The reality of Spring Training 2012 is there isn’t much up for debate, which makes it relatively boring.  The lineup is set, the bullpen is set, and the rotation is set for the most part.  The only real question is how well will Johan Santana progress and when will he get his first start.  I guess that was two questions, but you get the point.

The good part about this is, there shouldn’t be any legitimate drama to worry about.  The bad thing is, the media will have to look for things to write about to fill their word quotas.  Get ready for:

  • 17,345 more stories that cover how the Madoff mess has or will impact the Mets
  • 25,467 different stories about Jason Bay’s approach at the plate this season
  • More made up drama like the Ruben Tejada report date silliness
  • Stories about players bowling, playing Tiddlywinks, or completing Sudoku puzzles

I really wish someone would take a chance on original reporting and investigate something that matters.  Like why in the hell Mr. Met got passed over for the new season of Dancing With the Stars.

Is he doing the Dougie?

What Can I Say?

April 20, 2011

The answer to this question is actually pretty simple.  Nothing.  I literally got nada.  Except for the fact that this opening loss puts the Mets in a situation in which they now play back to back DDGs.

We are still in the infamous “you can’t really tell anything about your team until the first 50 games are over” stage.  Yet, the Mets continue to lose in the most uninspiring ways.

So I figured I would let the fans describe how they feel after last night’s depressing loss.  I trolled around some of my favorite Facebook pages and other Met related websites to find these gems.

Names have been omitted to protect the innocent.

We Are Family

My grandma LaLa could be pitching thru her arthritis and ulcer and we would be better off…

I’ve always wanted a grandma named LaLa.

Nostalgic 70′s Version

Tonite CITI FIELD reminded me of those days of the 70s when SHEA was empty every night

Is it me, or does this read as if this person is truly fond of those days in the 70′s at Shea?  Life was so much simpler back then.

Nostalgic 90′s Version

This is just like the early 90′s. ugh

Vince Coleman remembers it well.

Mets Homer

Does anybody else realize it’s still VERY early in the season?! You’re all GREAT mets “fans”

The Homer is just as frustrated as we are. He just chooses to focus his frustration on other fans for their perceived lack of support.

I Am Not A Met Fan Even Though I Secretly Am A Met Fan Making Fun Of Other Met Fans

Wow u “mets fans” are really starting to annoy me, ya we’re in a rut but for gods sake have some faith in ur team!!!

Also has a pinch of Met Homer as well.

Back Handed Bitcher

We are winning the category of most losses & weakest offense!

Wayne’s World

Yay us… not!

Obligatory Reference To Mr. Met

Mr Met is still smiling…. Very nice must be on crack…. Good for you Mr Met…..

No need to drag Mr. Met into this current mess.   And yes he is on crack.  Careful that you don’t offend him, because he will kick your ass.

What Do The Mets Do With An Unexpected Day Off?

April 12, 2011

Sometimes mother nature gives you an unexpected break.  I’m sure the Mets bullpen is pretty thankful right now, including Bobby Parnell.

I imagine there are those that believe it would be more beneficial if Bobby got right back on the horse as soon as possible.  My train of thought is he needs to get his mind off things right now. Relax the old noggin.

Maybe go catch a flick. I would recommend that he sees Hop.  If watching a movie about a bunny that can shit jelly beans can’t take your mind off of your troubles, nothing can.

Now that I am finished sharing some sage advice, I can get to the real reason why I started this post.  Have you ever wondered what people in baseball do with an unexpected off day?

Here are some thoughts:


This one is easy.  Read any posts on Midwestropolitan they may have missed due to lame batting practice or dealing with the media.


Another obvious answer here.  Terry Collins can now use “playing the game the right way” at home instead of at the ballpark for a change.

I can see it now.  He’s playing an intense game of Scrabble with Mrs. Collins and busts out a triple word score and screams, “Now that’s playing the game the right way!!  Boo-ya!!” .  Was using “Boo-Ya” too much?  Reader feedback is always welcome.


They spend the entire night flipping a coin on whether or not to extend Jose Reyes’ contract while recording the results so they can be analyzed using Sabermetrics.  Heads we sign him, tails we don’t.



Spend a couple of hours working on his T-shirt gun accuracy.  This practice usually involves attempting to shoot t-shirts through open car windows as they fly by on the Queensboro Bridge.

The night typically ends with him cruising for chicks in the bullpen car.


Trying desperately to figure out why Mr. Met is avoiding all of his texts and phone calls while repeatedly muttering to himself, “I mean, seriously, how’s a guy supposed to get his foot in the door in the mascot biz?  Damn.”


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