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People Familiar With The Team’s Thinking.

October 28, 2011

“Jose is not going to be a quick process.  The fan base would love for it to be that way, but a quick process would mean that he will not be a Met. Let him go do the dance, and see how (other teams) value him. Why should we set the market?”-Person Familiar With The Team’s Thinking

Comments like this serve no actual purpose.  Frankly, I don’t put much credence in any comment associated to “People familiar with a team’s thinking”. Although I agree the Jose negotiation won’t be resolved anytime soon, I think it’s ridiculous anyone associated with the Mets is sharing their plans with regards to #7.

The reality is the source of this comment was probably Mr. Met.  Even though we love him, we all know he isn’t privy to the front office’s negotiating strategy.  I really wish he would keep that big mouth on that big old noggin of his shut and work on his t-shirt cannon accuracy.

I read the comment in a column that was another example of a Mets columnist fulfilling his required work load when there really isn’t much happening on the new development front.

When did quoting any Tom, Dick, or Harry off the street become so accepted as a reliable source anyway?

If I ran one of the New York news organizations, I would require my team beat writers to write about something else during lulls in the action like this.  Maybe a feature about Mets Bloggers that reside in Indiana.  You know, something riveting.

Enjoy game seven tonight.


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