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Some Quick Game Notes

August 17, 2011

I’m tired so here’s some quick hits…

  • Dillon Gee’s performance tonight snapped a streak of 36 games in which Mets’ starter’s gave up two or more runs.  Out of all of the stats I’ve seen recently, this one illustrates the point I have been making about how average the rotation is collectively this year.
  • Ron Darling’s annoyance at how much the Padres’ bullpen slowed the game down was amusing.

“These relief pitcher’s have put a parachute on this game.  Thatcher has faked to second four times this inning…”-Ron Darling

  • Even though he had only one hit, David Wright had a huge impact on this game.  His three run blast is obvious, but I really enjoyed his fake throw to first to fool Maybin for an out in the bottom of the frame.  Don’t forget, this happened after his diving stop prevented Maybin from scoring in the first place.
  • Chalk up two more runs allowed by Igarashi.  Seems like a nice dude, but I can’t say I’ll be too upset the day we see him leave the franchise permanently.  He is a run allowing machine.
  • Jason Bay is Baying again (0 for his last 20)…
  • No matter what the situation, a road series win is always a good thing.  Particularly at a park that the Mets have struggled in historically.

Time To Build The 2012 Mets

July 24, 2011

Life is unfair and so is Major League Baseball.  If the Mets were in the National League Central they would be in the hunt for a division title.  They’re not, so it’s time friends.  Time for Mr. Alderson to show us what he can do.

He has given Terry Collins and his players enough time to prove they can compete for a playoff spot.  After this weekend’s disappointing series loss, it is clear that chances are slim to none, and slim left town with Logan Morrison’s eighth inning home run this afternoon.

As much as I don’t want to see it, I know Carlos Beltran will be dealt.  It also seems pretty clear that Jose Reyes is staying and the Mets are going to attempt to re-sign him.

What isn’t clear, is what else Sandy Alderson has in the works. Between now and opening day of 2012, Mr. Alderson has his work cut out for him.

Being the giver that I am, I figured I’d share with him who I’d like to see move on.

  • Mike Pelfrey- I like Big Pelf and will always hope he does well.  However, I feel as if he has peaked as a Met and needs a change of scenery to see if he can thrive elsewhere.  The Mets have given him an ample amount of opportunities to prove he can be a reliable starter.  Too many ups and downs for me.
  • Jason Bay- He’s not going anywhere anytime soon, but he belongs on this list for obvious reasons.  Maybe the Mets’ front office can blackmail high ranking officials from another team forcing them to make a deal for Bay.  It could happen.
  • Angel Pagan- Similar to Pelfrey, Angel has been given plenty of opportunities to prove he can be an impact player.  He has regressed this year and his decision making ability irks me.
  • Ryota Igarashi- Iggy is a bust.  His 6.25 ERA in 53 career appearances is explanation enough.
  • D.J. Carrasco- Wasn’t a huge fan of his signing, and he hasn’t disproved my initial opinion.
  • Bobby Parnell-  Parnell is last on this list for a reason.  I am still holding on to hope that the time he has remaining with Jason Isringhausen will help him get over the hump mentally.  Clearly he has electric stuff, he just doesn’t carry himself as if he believes in it.

I realize some of these players will log innings for the Mets in 2012 just as it is a reality that a number of players I didn’t list will not.  I just figured Mr. Alderson would want to get some feedback from before he starts building the 2012 Mets.

Good luck Mr. A., we believe in you.

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Monday With Midwestropolitan

April 11, 2011

Just some random thoughts to get your week started now that I have recovered from Tom’s violation of Midwestropolitan’s own version of Omerta.

More on that in a bit.

Putting Things In Perspective

The series loss against the Nats was the first official failure of the season for the boys in blue and orange.  Remember, I don’t view things a game at a time.  To recap, the series win against the Marlins was definitely a plus and  the series loss to the Phillies was expected.  It will be interesting to see how the Mets react to a disappointing home series defeat.

At 4-5, the Mets find themselves only one game back of the NL Wildcard.  Yup, the Wildcard.  It has never been realistic to expect the Mets would challenge for the NL East title, even though they are only three games back in that particular race.

Their record is far from horrible.  Just ask the fans in Boston and Tampa Bay.  Well, maybe not Tampa Bay.  They probably wouldn’t care if the Rays were 8-1 rather than their current 1-8.  They are too busy checking out which restaurants have the best early bird specials to give a hoot.

Overall the Mets have yet to give us a sense of consistency at the plate or in the field.  Offensively they are either  a force to be reckoned with, or a team that looks like they couldn’t score against my son’s little league squad.

They have also been inconsistent in the field.  One day they are showing flashes of brilliance making run saving plays.  The next, they look like the New York Knights amidst their historic losing streak.

What is losing?

Losing is a disease…
…as contagious as polio.

Losing is a disease…
…as contagious as syphilis.

Losing is a disease…
…as contagious as bubonic plague…

The only thing that has been consistent is the piss poor performance of the bullpen as my colleague pointed out last night.

Never fear,  Mr. Alderson is here, complete with tag line for his recent roster move:

It’s the Iggy and Izzy show.

Hopefully, these guys will help shore up the bullpen.  I wonder if Izzy’s veteran presence will help out Parnell and some of the other guys.

How Yesterday’s Loss Ruined A Chance For Me To Avenge Tom’s Violation Of Midwestropolitan’s Omerta

I’m sure plenty of you noticed Tom’s shocking violation yesterday of an unwritten rule we have here at Midwestropolitan.  He took a text message that I sent him during a joyous occasion Saturday evening (Beltran’s second bomb), and turned it into a post mocking me.

That my friends is a no-no.  Needless to say, the gloves are off and Tom is sleeping with one eye open these days.  He is now looking over his shoulder every waking moment for punishment to be handed out.

What is this punishment you ask?

The first part is a physical torment that surely has him in a constant nervous sweat.  At any moment I could board a plane to Tucson, find him, kick him in the shins really really hard, and then board an airplane back to Indiana without uttering a word.

The second phase is a bit more obvious.  It involves making  fun of Tom for his not so secret man crush on Chris Young.  You can view the evidence here and here.  Embarrassing isn’t it folks?

Of course the Mets ruined it for me, as the bullpen blew Young’s second consecutive fine start in a way that surely brought Tom to his knee’s screaming “WHY!? WHYYYYYYYYYYY!?” with tears streaming down his face.

Oh well.  There’s always his next start.

Expectations For The Colorado Series

The Amazin’s will need a series win to make up for the set back agains the Nats.  This may be a tall order as I feel a split is more realistic against a team that many have predicted to give the Giants a run for their money in the NL West.

It doesn’t help that the Rockies of reeled off a 6-2 start including a 3-1 road record so far.

Look for some home magic with Big Pelf tonight.  He clearly pitched better at home last season so I am expecting to see the same in 2011.


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