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Owning Cole Hamels & Another Start For Scott?

July 16, 2011

The Mets will not catch the Philadelphia Phillies this season.  Sorry to be such a Debbie Downer.

However, the continued owning of Cole Hamels keeps getting better. Today the Mets spanked Hamels around for a career high (or low depending on who you ask) seven earned runs.

I have to believe this is getting in Hamel’s head at this point.  Unfortunately, the Midwestropolitan research staff was unable to dig up any evidence of him weeping like a little girl in the visiting clubhouse.  Instead, he gave this bland reaction,

“Haven’t really been able to get a good roll against them.  It’s kind of one of those games where you just want to throw it out.”-Cole Hamels

Hairston To Start Tomorrow?

“One thing about Scott Hairston, about a guy stepping up when someone’s not around. If that’s not an example of it, I don’t know what is.”-Terry Collins

I’d like to see Hairston get a start tomorrow.  Try to see if he has a hot hand.

After an unbelievably horrible beginning of the season, he has been displaying some pop.  Something the Mets are seriously lacking right now. Assuming Carlos can play, I would let Bay take a day off.

Let me clarify that this is more of a preference than a statement.  I won’t be calling for TC’s head if he doesn’t get the nod.


Jon Niese is good.

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Mets Clinch +.500 Record At The Break

July 9, 2011

A few quick thoughts before I call it a night:

  • R.A. Dickey is pitching through what I assume is a hell of a lot of pain. Despite that, he’s going out there and putting in solid outing after solid outing. It is nearly impossible for me to criticize him.
  • Brian Wilson looked ticked after he left the game. I wonder whether that has to do with his poor execution or the fact that Bruce Bochy has pitched him a few nights in a row. I doubt we’ll see him again tomorrow.
  • Either way, what a big hit by Scott Hairston. Maybe the biggest of the year to date.
  • The Mets, as mentioned in the title, clinched an above .500 record at the All-Star Break. Considering the 5-13 start and the laundry list of injuries, it’s pretty remarkable.
  • The Mets move to within 6.5 games in the Wild Card Race, pictured below.
Atlanta 53 37 72
Arizona 49 41 4.0 72
St. Louis 47 43 6.0 72
Pittsburgh 46 42 6.0 74
New York 46 43 6.5 73
Washington 45 45 8.0 72

The Mets Don’t Suck. The Astros Do.

May 15, 2011

After watching this series I think it is fair to say we have learned one simple, irrefutable fact.  The Mets don’t suck.

I’m sure that many are clambering to disagree right now.  Before you send me e-mails filled with personal insults and threats of physical violence, let me make a  few points that are chock full of logic.

The Mets are two games below .500 which means they are two games below being an average team.  Two games below average does not equal sucking.

A team that sucks does not win three straight series (two of which on the road).  Nor does it go 7-3 in its last ten games finding itself 4.5 games back in the Wild Card standings.

The Astros, on the other hand, suck.  At least they did in this series.  They played absolutely horrible defense and at times seemed like they had much better things to do (see the Mets theft of home Little League style in the fifth inning today).

I know average isn’t exactly something to write home about, and I’m not saying I find it to be an acceptable stopping point.  It is however, not a horrible  spot to be in considering the financial and roster challenges the Mets organization currently faces.

When you stop and think about it, 19-21 is actually amazing in a way.  After all,

  • Johan Santana has not pitched a single inning this season.
  • David Wright and Jason Bay are hitting .226 and .216 respectively.
  • Angel Pagan has been non-existent (literally).
  • R.A. Dickey still has yet to find his knuckle ball.
  • Willie Harris and Scott Hairston, two players that were signed to create a solid bench,  have been absolutely dreadful
  • Chris Young is out for the season after only pitching 24 innings.
  • Along with Pagan, Pedro Beato, Ike Davis, and Bobby Parnell are all currently on the DL.

Frankly, I  believe we should be happy with where the Mets stand with regard to their record.  It says something about the moxie of this team to be able to win of late.

Don’t mistake this as settling.  As long as I feel the Mets are working towards becoming a franchise that will be perennial contenders, I am going to be content.  Eventually, continued improvement will result in the Mets obtaining that goal.

So for those fans that fill up comment sections about how bad the Mets suck every time they lose, grow up.  Realize that in the real world, building a succesful organization from top to bottom takes more than two weeks.

In the meantime, try to enjoy the 2011 Mets as much as possible.  They could have mailed it in a long time ago.  Hell, imagine what could happen if the Mets hang around and they get some guys back, or Wright and Bay start hitting.

Madoff Solution: Buy More Beer

April 9, 2011

You may have noticed, but I haven’t focused on the Madoff Mess that much.  This is by all means intentional.

I do not possess the patience, intelligence, or desire to dig into the thousands of pages of hooey created by this lawsuit.  The reality of the situation is it will be a long arduous road traveled until this thing plays out.  It is something that is above my head so it isn’t worth spending much time worrying about.

I prefer this approach:

It’s a scary situation with Madoff.  But I can’t focus on that. I’ve got to focus on pitching, hitting and running. Let’s keep buying beer and they’ll be O.K. -Mets Fan, Annie Neglia

On To Tonight’s Game:

There is absolutely zero factual basis for this, but I feel  a win is in the cards for the Mets tonight.

The announced lineup including Scott Hairston, Chin-lung Hu, and Mike Nickeas are batting .174 against Nats starter Tom Gorzelanny certainly doesn’t help my prediction.   A note to Scott Hairston:  Quit swinging out of your shoes.  You were signed because you are a solid bench player.  Babe Ruth you ain’t.

The fact that the Amazin’s are on a three game skid isn’t exactly helpful either.

Maybe it is as simple as me wanting all of the Chicken Little drivel to go away.  I’m not above letting something like this drive my gut feelings.


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