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Summing It Up Nicely

April 17, 2011

It is important to first note that Tom has been found and is doing well.  Thank you to everyone involved in bringing him back to us safely.

Last night, he commented on my reaction to getting swept, again.  In all seriousness, Tom’s comment provided an excellent illustration on how many of us are feeling these days (with the obvious exception of calling me an old man).

I felt it needed to be published as its own post as I am aware that some of you don’t always read our comments.

Earlier tonight was one of those rare occasions where I just had nothing to say. Being a writer alongside you, I usually can come up with some sort of spin – something. Nothing.

You (old man with trouble logging onto computer) and anyone else who reads here frequently knows that I’ve been preaching patience. While I still firmly believe this is the inevitable painful part of the eventual move back to respectability, being 4-11 (with the way they are playing) is embarrassing.

I can’t find any other word for it. It’s like a large portion of the Mets fan base has such a bad taste left from the past 4 or 5 years that this is the final straw. It’s one thing to choke away playoff opportunities (and be a competitive team) and it’s another to be a laughing stock.

Eventually the empty seats and sitting south in the NL East is going to promote this change I’ve been talking about. The team, I believe, will be sold within the next year (and I have zero factual basis for that). I also illustrated how they’re going to deal with certain contracts (linked above, thanks old man).

It’s going to get better, but fuck. This just sucks right now. Tomorrow I’ll have something more productive to say I’m sure.

Oh, and go Knicks

Well put my man.


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