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Just Stay Afloat

July 8, 2011

Only three games left prior to the All-Star Break.  My, how time flies.

It is realistic to believe the Mets could drop two of three in San Francisco prior to this well deserved break.  You know what?  I would be okay with that.

If you would have told me at the beginning of the year that the Mets would be one game over .500 considering the following factors I would have laughed in your face heartily:

  • Johan Santana still has yet to pitch
  • David Wright has played in only 39 games
  • Ike Davis has played in only 36 games
  • Angel Pagan missed 30 games
  • Jose Reyes is on the DL with a bum hamstring
  • Chris Young is out for the season after only four starts
  • Jason Bay has been non-existent for a vast majority of the season
  • Tom has yet to don the over sized head of the Mr. Met suit

I am confident they will find a way to get a win in San Francisco.  Much has been said about the three starters the Giants will throw at the Mets. Yes they are formidable, but they are human and can be beat.   As a matter of fact, all three (Lincecum, Vogelsong, and Cain) haven’t exactly thrown no hit ball in their last couple of starts.

The icing on the cake scenario would put the Mets three games over .500 after figuring out a way to stun the World Champs with a road series win.

Avoiding a sweep is paramount.  It would be somewhat deflating to find the Mets a game under .500 after all they have accomplished the last few weeks with all of the challenges thrown at them.

Waiting For West Coast Games Sucks

July 5, 2011

That’s really all I had to say.

Just kidding.

I figured I’d weigh in on a couple of things while we all have time to kill.

Jose Reyes Didn’t Run Today

Almost as shocking as the Casey Anthony verdict…

Not much to get in a twist about frankly.  He woke up and didn’t feel better, but didn’t feel worse mind you.  Every win the Mets can pick up against their financially challenged brethren equates to more time in which they can be conservative with Jose’s temperamental hammy.

In a perfect world, the Mets sweep the hapless Dodgers and Jose doesn’t sniff the field in the process.

Tired Of Pies In The Face During Post Game Interviews

I’ll give the first person that can tell us who started the whip cream/shaving cream pie in the face during a post game interview a shiny quarter.  I’ll give Audrey a quarter too (obscure Christmas Vacation Reference).

When did this start?  It seems like it has been going on forever and quite frankly I am becoming bored with it.

If I were a big leaguer and happened to get a walk off hit, I would hide a taser gun in my glove and then turn around and tase the hell out of the unsuspecting teammate with the cream pie.  Now that’s funny!  IN THE FACE!

Can We Gain Ground Ever?

As I am typing this the Braves are up 4-2 and the Phillies are up 7-0.  What the hell?  In honor of how annoying this is I figured I’d list a few other things that irk me just as much….

  • Social Media “check-ins”  If I wanted to know that you are at the Olive Garden on 1234 West McGaillard Avenue, I would call or text to ask you.  I don’t care.  Eat your soup, salad, and bread sticks and keep your location to yourself.  Do you expect us all to rush over there to help you down your Pasta Fagioli?
  • Failing To Edge Out Into The Intersection When Making A Left Turn And Then Not Turning When The Light Changes To Yellow  Everyone knows the unwritten rule is at least two cars should be able to turn left on a yellow light.  Minimum.  I have no idea how you still have your license Erma, but you need to consider the person that is 15 minutes late to little league practice.  Sheesh!  Don’t you know he has the equipment bag?!
  • Gum Smackers  You know who they are.  The guy/gal that somehow has figured out how to break the sound barrier when chewing gum.  These people are amazing!  Listen Carl, no one needs to know the flavor of your Hubba Bubba is grape just by looking at you, let alone listening to you.  Quiet it down already.
  • Tom’s incessant whining about why he isn’t currently Mr. Met  Dude, for the last time, there is no way this is going to happen until you can get your t-shirt toss deeper than the third row.  Try some long toss drills to strengthen your arm.  It also would help if you stopped showing up to the tryouts hung over.  Parents prefer a Mr. Met that smells less like Jim Beam and more like cotton candy.


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